4 comments on “Guilty of Killing

  1. Wow! I’m speechless.Every time I was The Passion, I get angry at the mob, the High Priests, Pilate, and Judas. But, you helped me to remember that I’m EACH ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE! Christ died for me! I’m the one nailing Him to the cross! Beautiful post!

  2. This is just a reminder of how deep Jesus’ love for us goes. Imagine going through the agony, the torture, and the burden that Jesus did for a bunch of people who continue sinning against Him. To think, I have a hard time forgiving people who cut me off on the road. Great post!

  3. I remember when the Passion first came out. Mel Gibson used his hand in the shot similar to this picture. He offered the same explanation. I totally agree with you both.Even though we weren’t even alive when Jesus was MURDERED, we all play a part. Outstanding post! It moved me to tears.

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