2 comments on “The Celebration of Villainy

  1. Hey Dre,
    Welcome back, I trust your feeling better? There is a small (?) fraction of black people out there that I will never understand-the one’s that defend criminals who will no doubt be killing or raping their own children in the future. Remember, according to the FBI’s stats on crime committed, blacks prey almost exclusively on other blacks and white do the same. You said it very well when you stated, ” This is yet another unfortunate case of misplaced priorities.” I understand that’s it’s rooted in the fact the black people were denied proper rights for so long in our society and so they are hyper-sensitive to any perceived injustice. But for God’s sake, there are far better examples to point at. Like Oscar Grant for instance. If people defend bad people it diminishes their point of systemic injustice and losses people that would otherwise be on their side. A cop-killing, child-raping pimp? Come on Oakland, you can do better.

  2. Truth is, I don’t know this Mixon dude from the next person on the street. But I’m wondering if there is more to this story. I find it hard to believe that people would “celebrate” a rapist, murderer unless there was a backstory somewhere. We can do some pretty crazy things sometimes. But defending clearly guilty killers/murders is not one of those things.

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