12 comments on “Protecting the Dollar…?

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  2. I’ve always thought Bachmann was off her rocker…and I still do. But when I saw that China and Russia were endorsing a plan to basically allow the IMF to create a new global currency, I was a little nervous. Indeed, thoughts of the “one world government” started to form in my head. I agree that the U.S. dollar is not strong enough right now to be the backing for the world’s reserve currency, but I’m hoping that a stronger currency will be – without the need to consolidate.

  3. Hey Dre,
    Great Post! By the way, welcome back. I’ve been dying to comment on this issue. (suprise, suprise.) I totally agree with MSNBC on this one. This is a manufactured issue brought about by China’s statement that they were unsure of the stability of the U.S. dollar and our Treasury Bonds. BULLSHIT!!! All China was doing is making a thinly veiled threat against U.S. protectionism prior to the G-20. Here’s what they were really saying; “If the U.S. starts restricting exports from China we might just cash in some of our U.S. Treasury bonds, thereby forcing the U.S. to print money and risk inflation.” the Republicans are using this to bring up fears of a New World Order just like they did during the Clinton administration. The truth is: most of the world uses the Dollar because it is the most stable currency in the world. Just look at how the dollar is fairing during this crisis! It’s risen against all major currencies including the Euro. OPEC does not price it’s barrels of oil in dollars because they have to. It’s because they know we can’t manipulate it to bring the price of oil down. No one wants a global currency, Europe will be damn lucky to keep Germany on the Euro. This is a manufactured issue to fire up the wacked-out far right and to spread fear of something that couldn’t happen if we wanted it. Blakeman should have worn his aluminum foil hat on-air.

  4. I’m sorry to get off topic here somewhat, but can somebody PLEASE tell me what the Rethugicans stand for these days? I mean, who are they?! If you can answer that one, I’ve got two shiny nickels for you.

    Are they the old, stubborn, and unchanging white men like McCain? Are they the political ditzes like Palin and Steele? Are they they loud loony tunes like Rush, Cheney, and Bachmann?

    Your answer…please?

  5. Lord. I’m glad I don’t live in Minnesota. The Timberwolves are no picnic either.

  6. Fear not, Megan. By this time in 2010, Michelle Bachmann will be a thing of the past. Whatever popularity she barely had to narrowly beat out her opponent is dwindling each time she says something stupid. I really think most Minnesotans are embarrassed to have her.

  7. Hey Andre,

    ” Between going on a mini-vacation and subsequently catching a mini-cold (at least I hope it’s mini),”

    Was this all done in a Mini-Van? 🙂

  8. @J. Alex,
    Two whole shiny nickels? Heck, with the economy the way it is, I’ll take a shot at it. The Reps are in flux, much like the lost Dems after the Republican Revolution of 1994. There is an inside battle (which is why they seem so off-message) going on between the moderates that feel they should become the “Democrats Light”, with less accent on Gay Marriage and abortion, and the neo-cons who feel they should go back to their roots, meaning Social Conservatism and Fiscal Conservatism. The argument for the Moderate Reps is that the demographics are turning against them and if they don’t adjust they will never win. The neo cons believe that the past elections have had more to do with a failed foreign policy, an unpopular President, and a bad economic downturn, then anything that the Democrats stand for. On the whole, I believe the neo-cons are right. Gay Marriage is an unpopular concept. I.E. Proposal 8 that passed in California, the most Liberal state in the union and the 29 states that have a constitutional ban on GM and another 19 that ban GM but not in their Constitution. Reps usually win the argument on security also and if we’re attacked (the Reps are secretly hoping) it will propel them right back into power on that issue alone. They are also trying to regain the title of fiscal conservatives by attacking Obama’s huge spending bills and hoping people will forget the less-than frugal spending by G.W.. Abortion will become another plus issue if the Dems push unpopular notions like no parental notification which will influence moderates over to their side. The big problem they have right now is finding their new “Messiah” to push their message of a return to Fiscal conservation, family, traditional values, and security.

    There, did I earn my nickels?

  9. @Richard Froggatt ,
    I’m worried too. But so far all they want is no protectionism and that, I believe, is a good thing. It very scary to think we’ll become puppets on a string due to our foreign carried debt, Which is why we should think long and hard before we fall too much further into it.

  10. Feel Better Handsome ,
    interesting read by the way , as usual!
    one thing for certain ,
    it is not a MINI Brain you have !LOL
    does it make your head tilt to one side !!!LOL (I have to tease out of pure jealousy SUPERSmartypants , at least we all know you use your powers for good ,tee hee )
    HUGS and God Bless

  11. hey Andre,

    What? no basketball post?

    i hope you’re feeling better. i had back-to-back colds within the past couple of months because of this crazy weather we’re having. at least it wasn’t the flu.

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