11 comments on “Michelle Obama: Too Much Cream in the Coffee…?

  1. Andre, Tammy Bruce was not worth the page or so you used to talk about her ignorance. I doubt that even the most far right person on the planet doesn’t subscribe to her kind of lunacy. She, Ann Coulter, and Michelle Malkin all deal with some sort of feminine version of the Napolean Complex.

  2. Little Ms. Tammy is unable to connect to Mrs. Obama or understand where she’s coming from because HER world never required her to check a certain behavior/lifestyle at the door.

    Megan is right, writing about her was a waste of your time.

  3. Glad I found you. You’re in my blogroll. Great site, great work! Thanks for fighting the good fight.

    Nothin’ but love,

  4. It’s funny that Bruce called Michelle trash. I always thought that term was generally reserved for people who used words like “eco-socionomic”.

  5. For all the people who are upset about what Bruce said, remember it. Remember it the next time you attack Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, Alan Keyes, Michael Steele, or the host of black conservatives out there.

  6. She is a nut who can’t seem to hold down a real job. So consequently, she tries to stir the pot to get attention. But to date she hasn’t been able to get her 15 minutes of fame. Most of the time, she maxes out at 12 minutes.

  7. I mean, who is really suprised by this anymore? Conservative shock-jocks make it a point to take the most non-threatening issues to be found and create a mountain. It has become a staple of the Republican party.

  8. Hey Dre,
    Sometimes you and I find ourselves on different ends of an issue, particularly race….this is not one of those times. Attacking Michelle IS off-limits in my book. On Hillary I would disagree because of the way she injected herself into policy-making (for instance, Health Care) that made her fair fodder. Michelle is practicing the traditional role, and like Laura Bush, shouldn’t be drug into the ugly realm of political bashing. As far as her changing her speaking patterns, that’s very common among black people because they are living in a white dominated culture. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. When I went to an nearly all black school, I often found myself changing my speech. To this day I find myself speaking a little different when I’m talking to black people, I feel this is only a result of being exposed to black culure and isn’t me “trying to be black”. As far as Tammy Bruce. I’m always suprised at how good-looking these female conservative talk show hosts are on the outside, and how ugly they are on the inside.

  9. You wrote this post a long tiiiime ago. It was the longest post you ever wrote…..in ’94

  10. maybe you should have vomited on Tammy Bruce instead of your keyboard. by the way, i graudated from Anacostia High School, back in the days (but not too many days, after all, i’m not that old) when it was nice and a good school.

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