10 comments on “Bad popularity

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  2. C’mon Dre, you’re being too hard on Obama. It was a freakin’ bracket! It took me all of 10 minutes to fill mine out. Now if Obama was seen at each game, we might have a problem. But sometimes its necessary to get away from the pressures he’s facing, even if it is for a short time.

    It’s not like he’s pulling off a George Bush and taking a month-long vacation.

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  4. I’m with J. Alex here. President Obama’s showing on Leno lasted about nine minutes. He probably took 10 minutes to do a bracket. So between traveling and prep for these things, he probably spent a total of three to four hours tops. For a man not even into 100 days, you’re being awfully critical.

  5. I don’t know much about the bracket but I think most Americans will be comforted by the message of confidence that Obama is spreading through appearances in shows like J. Leno. Perhaps we need more evidence before we compare him to Nero.

  6. Well,

    It would be different if ALL he was doing was chillin’ with Leno and hanging out at the b-ball games.

    I think that we’ve seen Obama doing a great number of things and working very hard to try and extenguish our country. For example: Obama has tied his first budget proposal as president to a renewable energy program to help the United States move toward energy independence.

    There are hundreds of other articles surronding all of the very hard work that he’s out in.

    Also, Obama has always stated throughout his campaign that he wanted to remain a “people’s President.” Doing things like the bracket and going on Leno for 10 minutes and showing up to the occasional basketball game makes him seem more human.

    Anywho, he’s doing another address to America either today or tomorrow, let’s see what we can find to complain about that….


  7. I don’t know what’s wrong with this man. First, all this mess. Then he goes on 60 minutes and JOKES about the economy. If this had been George Bush or John McCain, you all would’ve attacked mercilessly.

  8. C’mon Josh. I know you have this unyielding conservatism inside you, but did you lose the ability to think coherently for five seconds? President Obama inherited a MESS from Bush and has made some major steps to fixing it. So what if he takes an hour out of his life to do something fun and relaxing. Once Obama takes a month-long vacation like SOME presidents I know, then you can talk.

    As far as the 60 interview is concerned, it was a nervous laugh. Clearly you can see that. The joke Bush made about not being able to find WMD’s? Now THAT was done in poor taste.

  9. I like it that the President has made himself more accessible. We get to see his human side, and he avoids isolation. The Leno gaffe comes along with being on a show that taped live.

    You and I don’t have conversations that millions of folks hear, so few people are aware when we insert foot-in-mouth. That incident was so unlike Obama, but it’s not the end of the world, for goodness sake. He apologized. The Special Olympics folks accepted the apology. The Special Olympics program got some free press.

    Move on.

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