11 comments on “The case for Corporation Nationalism, Part 67

  1. Supporting executive contracts. That’s the new code word for justifying AIG’s antics. Can you believe that mess?!?!

    So I gues protecting the average employees pensions and 401k is not included in the contracts that should be supported. AMAZING!!!

  2. AIG doesn’t have to “get it”. They already got it. $170 billion worth of “it”.

  3. Who’s the bigger culprit: the crooks (coporations), the people enabling the crooks (politicians), or the people who vote for the enablers of the crooks (us)?

  4. Anon, I totally agree! We put these people in office expecting them to operate in our best interest. But my best interests DO NOT INCLUDE taking care of corporate executives who run businesses to the ground.

  5. I think we all expect for corporations like AIG to be ruthless, cunning, selfish, wasteful and voracious. But the million dollar question here is: does Obama and his Congressional supporting cast have the courage to deny them? The onus falls on his O-ness.

  6. “We cannot attract and retain the best and the brightest talent to lead and staff the A.I.G. businesses — which are now being operated principally on behalf of American taxpayers — if employees believe their compensation is subject to continued and arbitrary adjustment by the U.S. Treasury,” he wrote Mr. Geithner on Saturday.

    Mr. Liddy was joking when he said this, right?!

  7. Nope JJM. I’m afraid he wasn’t. AIG needs the “best and brightest.” Because clearly the average idiot can’t run a company into the ground like they have. Only the best and brightest idiots can do that for you.

  8. Getting lavish bonuses for doing a piece of crap job? Forget this mess, I’m going to get my MBA. I’m clearly in the wrong business.

  9. Congress caters to the needs of companies like AIG (who we still haven’t seen any changes from), and then make the Big 3, who made this country what it is today, BEG for a little chunk of the pie. Go figure.

  10. Per the news, Obama was doing everything he could to stop the bonuses. I’m still in shock at the ASS-NESS of the company to do that..yeah I said it….ASS-NESS!!!!!!

  11. Putting aside the fact that Obama looked like a puppet when saying he would do everything within his power to stop this BS (He couldn’t, knew it, but still tried to BS all of us), & putting aside the fact that AIG already had the nads to put this through (sorry folks, but the bonuses were paid out on the Friday BEFORE this story broke…WAKE UP)…

    Why the #$%! aren’t we all up in arms about this? Why aren’t we on the streets?

    If somebody walked into your house & stole your television, you’d chase them. Right? Riiiiight? Well, for some of us, somebody just stole our house. Others, our car. Then others, our future. Yet we all sit here on these nerd-boxes doing nothing but bitching about it….to no avail.

    The powers-that-be must love the internet, for it has surely saved them from the alternative of pitchforks & fire.


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