2 comments on “Matthew Hilton-Watson (1968-2009)

  1. Hey Dre,
    I, like you, was deeply saddened to hear of Matt’s death. I didn’t know him personally, but when I saw his picture I realized I had been saying “hi” to him in the halls for quite a while. (As you know, I’m one of those idiots that will strike up conversations with people I don’t know.) He always seemed willing to be a fellow human, which is rare in this “cubicle mentality” world we now live in. I have to say, after all the wonderful things I’ve heard about him, I wish had gotten to know him better. R.I.P. Dr. Matt, and my deepest sympathies to his wife and kids.

  2. Hey Dre,

    I just got back in town and haven’t been followed your blog for the past week or so. But I was very sorry to come back to the news that you loss a friend. I read some of the comments on his memorial site and it sounds like he truly had an impact on the students, staff, and faculty at your school. I wish his family, you, and the rest of the UM community God’s peace.

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