13 comments on “Being black: Right now, I’m NOT Lovin’ it…

  1. Come on Andre. In her defense (as silly as the 911 thing was), she WAS a paying customer. She deserved to get what she ordered. It obviously went too far, but they could’ve resolved this long before the phone calls.

  2. Dre, you know when it comes to questionable behavior from our “cousins”, I’m mostly on board. But the fact of the matter is simple. She gave them money for a product. They did not give her what she wanted and refused to give her money back. Open and shut case.

  3. I agree with the rest of the room Dre. How can you turn an act from ONE person into a referendum on the entire black race? Besides that, her actions were extreme – yes. But that McDonald’s WAS wrong.

  4. I’m not black so I don’t want to comment on the “this is a black person” part of this story because that’s just not my place as whitey.

    BUT! I do agree that if they took her money for a product she did not recieve, she should have raised hell. They were trying to steal her money.

  5. Dre, if you think black folks are the only people to do stupid s***, you are off your rocker.

  6. Andre, you know better than this. I know you know better than to associate the stunt of this ONE WOMAN to the entire race. Things like this are not racialized. This is a matter of right and wrong. Common sense and no sense. McDonald’s was wrong for not giving her money back. She was wrong for calling 911 when there was no emergency. Race has ZERO to do with this! Get it together Dre! Don’t be seduced by the inclination to bash on your cousins! LOL!

  7. C’mon people: are y’all REALLY taking me seriously?! Sheesh.

    I’m officially banning each and every one of you from my blog. You clearly haven’t figured me out by now.

    * That was another joke * Y’all are not banned. 🙂

  8. well, let’s see–you have green eyes, you don’t eat chicken, you can’t dance, hmmmm, you’re almost there.

    oh, and even if you ban me, i’m coming back anyway.

  9. i’m still laughing at The Breakfast Song a couple of posts back. at least this lady won’t have to be concerned about nuggets after she’s called home. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Sylv: You forgot to mention my stellar credit. 🙂

    …at least this lady won’t have to be concerned about nuggets after she’s called home

    Nice! No mo’ nu-u-u-ggets. No mo dippin’ sauce…

  11. you guys crack me up, nuggets and all. beats the stories coming from white trash country up in Wasilla.

  12. Sauer: Methinks you don’t like certain folks up in Wasila. Between this post and your other post, I’m starting to sense a theme here. 🙂

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