16 comments on “Starving during the Rapture

  1. Speaking of the Rapture, somebody PLEASE save me. I can’t stop watching this video! LOL!

  2. Um…does anybody actually eat pork chops and beef stew for breakfast? Just wondering.

  3. Dre, you should’ve included a “Not Safe For Work” warning to this post. My co-workers and I were DYING after watching this! You’ve killed any chance of me having a productive day at work today. Perhaps, even a productive week. What the heck? While I’m at it, I may as well quit my job now. I’ll never be able to stop watching this!

    LOL @ JJM. I was thinking the same thing!

  4. I’m sorry y’all, but if I can’t my Lucky Charms, I might have to convert to Buddhism.

  5. A gospel song inspired by a trip to the grocery store. I’ve seen it all.

  6. At least he didn’t mention anything about tacos. Otherwise, we’d have a problem.

  7. Um, why is the chick even there? Also, why is her hair not combed and why she look mad?

    I couldnt even laugh at this…it was just dumb… 😦

    *prays for weird people who make youtube videos and write weird songs*

  8. Wow. This video had a certain…I don’t know what…in it. Is this serious?

  9. Tera,

    Unfortunately, this appears to be real. I guess the ultimate question would be: what’s the point of this? Once Jesus comes to get us, we won’t eat food anymore. I get that. But what kind of message is being portrayed here?

  10. Most. Horrible. Backup. Singer. In. History. She looks like she’s deep in thought over all the food she’ll miss out on when she gets to Heaven.

  11. hey Andre,

    well, you’ve just provided me some 4:00am early morning humor. good thing i eat french toast and cheerios for breakfast. i’m coming out of blog retirement ’cause i miss too much when i don’t read your blog.

  12. plus, if i was at church and someone got up singing this song, i’d throw some pork chops and beef stew at them.

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