15 comments on “GOP Reimaging: It’s a “Rap”

  1. Hey Dre,
    Great analysis! You ripped poor Michael Steele to shreds. Why CPAC wanted Rush as a keynote speaker is way beyond me. All he’s good for is revving up the far right’s “Everything’s your own damn fault” section. How is that’s going to bring moderates back into the Republican fold? If the face of conservatism is going to be Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh, the Democrats should get real comfortable being in power. Once again, you bitch-slapped Mike in a way that would make James Carville’s alien-looking face blush. Good work!

  2. For one, this is an amazing blog! I found it by accident, but I’m glad I did. It has a little sarcasm and wit (I love that in a man :)), but it also addresses issues in a unique and compelling way. I’ve bookmarked it. Can’t wait to read more!

    About this post, it is a shame that Mr. Steele has backed down so easily. I’m not a Republican supporter in general, but I was hoping the Michael Steele would truly be the new face of the party. His moderate views were a far cry from the extremist and divisive vitrio that comes out of most conservative commentators. But, Rush Limbaugh pretty much showed Steele who has commanding the ship. It is very unfortunate.

  3. I am starting to detect a pattern here. It starts off with Republican “X” saying something. Rush Limbaugh responding by saying something far more “incendiary.” Republican X calls Limbaugh on his comments. Limbaugh attacks back. Republican X apologizes. We all point and laugh.

    The Republicans will most assuredly give us entertainment when Rush is involved. Hahahaha!

  4. Chairman of a National Political Party < Talk show host who makes “ugly” and “incendiary” comments

  5. With Steele getting owned by Rush, it is now HIGHLY IMPROBABLE that a reasonably thinking person in the GOP (were they to actually exist) will ever become the REAL leader. The neocons and talk show hosts have the control of their party…and will have it for a long time.

  6. Mike: “The neocons and talk show hosts have the control of their party…and will have it for a long time.”

    Yeah. I guess you can say Rush ATE the Republican party.

  7. Steele not only apologized to Rush, he acknowledged him as a leader, presumably THE leader of the Republican Party.
    But here’s the problem with that which they aren’t seeing. Talk radio addresses a very distinct market of those who are already followers. But those followers are not who the Republicans need to address. They need to address the Independents, who make or break an election.

    The majority of Americans — including Independents — do NOT want to see Obama fail, because they are smart enough to realize that if Obama fails, it means our economy fails, it means America fails, and it means we all suffer.

    So once again, the Republican leadership may be bowing to the freepers — who were whining their heads off about Steele’s audacity in pointing out that Rush Limbo wasn’t the leader of the party — but they are missing the boat, and the vote. And they are now in Limbo, with Limbo.

    Gotta love it.

  8. The GOP is having an identity crisis. They could decide to be the party of Barry Goldwater/Chuck Hagel or Sarah Plain/David Vitter/Rush Limbaugh. I wonder who is winning that fight?!?!?!?!?

  9. No matter who stakes claim as the party leader, I will stay committed to my party. I will always stay close to my conservative roots. But I freely admit that I do not trust the RNC’s ability to lead and I certainly wouldn’t call Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity “leaders” of the party.

    We have lost the rational voice of the Right. Actually, the voice is still there, but it finds no eloquence or expression in any of the current Republican leadership I have seen. I hear it in quiet conversations none of which are reflected in the current Republican leadership.

    They just don’t get what is happening to the planet and we are a worse nation for it. We were never meant to be a single party country, but we cannot function with those running either party who have the lost the art of civil discourse.

    I respect Obama for exactly that – intelligent conversation and a new level of grace in communicating his political values. I may not agree with him in some areas but at least its expressed with civility and respect. He has raised the bar for communications and I see no voices on the Right to meet him on that playing field. The sound bite world of Limbaugh is no match.

    But lest Democrats should gloat over the Right’s misfortune, don’t forget “Pride goes before the fall.” The Right is in the shape it is in because of it grew in arrogance and lost sight of its core values. This can just as easily happen to Democrats as well. The greatest test of character is when you are running the ship.

  10. Hockey Mom Fan,

    Forgive me for saying this, and I also say this in Christian love, but I find it a little uneasy that you could say something like this “We have lost the rational voice of the Right. Actually, the voice is still there, but it finds no eloquence or expression in any of the current Republican leadership I have seen”…and support a person like Sarah Palin. Now, I certainly don’t plan to make this about her (in fact, I wish she’d go away forever). But her ideological views mirror Rush’s to a great extent. In fact, most of the GOP subscribe to – or are controlled by – Rush’s divisive and bigoted views. That’s why when I saw Michael Steele cave in, I became more convinced that the ENTIRE party has lost its way.

  11. Everybody knows the GOP is like a ship without a sail. Or a really fat sail. Whatever. You get the point. They have lost their way. They have no one to turn to but some entertainer who’s financial interests dictate that he boost his ratings. That is his prime concern. The rigamarole that Rush promotes is what cost the Repubs the election and they are oblivious to the fact.

    I think the Democrats might be a little sad right now. Winning is usually not too fun without a worthy opponent.

  12. You all amaze me. I guess liberals in general amaze me. Rush is as popular and influencial as he is because there are very few conservative people in the media who actually have a voice. Those that are favorable to the Democrats have control of virtually all of the mainstream media outlets, including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, the NY Times, the Washington Post, Time magazine, etc. The only network that gives conservatives parity Fox News (admittedly conservative leaning, only to counteract the massive liberal media bias). But even the FNC opens its doors to moderates and liberals. When is the last time you saw a conservative on Chris Matthews, except to get bullied? While the media is going to bed with Obama and the Dems (even Hillary said Fox News was the only place where she was treated fairly), people like Rush are getting severely attacked. The media can’t handle what Rush represents; the closing of the media gap in America.

  13. I really hate to admit this, but if the GOP has any chance of finding its way, they may have to revert back to the W. Days. As villianized as he was, Karl Rove brilliantly led the Republicans to victory. Sure, making him a party leader would be bad from a PR standpoint, but I think that would die down eventually. He’s a brilliant political strategist (like him or not) and he’s the kind of person the GOP needs to remain a formidible threat. For all the take about “change” that the GOP promises, their old ways worked.

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