6 comments on “Protect and Serve: The Extreme Edition

  1. The thought of this is very disturbing.

    Changing the subject: Andre, please stop by my site at your convenience to pick up an award.

  2. and his excuse to beat her was she called them names like pig. that’s how they were acting, just like pigs. they both need to be fired, but the sad thing is, they probably won’t even be charged. and i’m sure they’ve on administrative leave with pay.

  3. Hey Dre,
    Good Post! I love video!!! Not so long ago it was your word against theirs, and your always lost. I give police as much leeway as they need to arrest, but they have no business punishing. That cop should be fired immediately. However, since this was just another shoe-throwing story, I don’t think it was really worth media attention. (inside joke)

  4. Hi Deb. Thanks for the award! I’m going to make it a point to figure out how WordPress works. If I can post it, I will. You’re the best!

    @ Sylv: Welcome back. I checked out your latest post. I completely understand how hard it may be to stay active with blogging. Still, I’m very grateful to see you stop by every so often. 🙂

    To address your point, you’re right. Their inexcusable behavior reflects EXACTLY who they are. These two clowns are an insult to the decent, fair, and respectable officers out there.

    @ Lorraine: Thanks for getting me hip to your new site. Are you pulling the plug on Honkytonk or is this just a supplement. Either way, I’ll definitely frequent both.

    I haven’t heard much about protests (though, I’ve historically argued about the ineffectiveness of such demonstrations). I’ll try to keep my ear to the ground and follow this story.

    @ HipCon: You’re right. Between cameras in holding rooms or cameras mounted in cruisers, police find themselves with less freedom to exploit their badges. But I still often wonder if they are engaged in these sort of activities where surveillance IS, what are they doing in places where there is no surveillance? For every Oscar Grant case that circulates through the media, how many HipCon experiences go unseen or unchecked? It’s a scary thought.

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