8 comments on “Monkey Business

  1. For once (well actually more than once, but not enough to call it a trend), I agree. B&N can’t be held responsible for the lone acts of some jerk customer or even for the hidden racist actions of one of its employees. Nobody knows who put the book there, only that it was there. Maybe there needs to be more accountability on who puts books there, but this was certainly not a corporate decision to do this.

  2. This incident – a lone act or not – is just another reminder that racism still exists in this country. People who believed Obama’s election would be the end of racism are receiving a rude awakening. The New York Post’s antics, the Orange county major’s emails, this crap, and the loads of other shenanigans will remind us that this mess is far from over.

  3. Someone sent this photo to me, but I thought it was an urban legend. Thanks for this information. Question: Do we gain anything by further publicizing shenanigans like this one? To me, it would seem that it just gives a thrill to the culprit.

  4. I didn’t have exactly the same experience, but they had a big table set up with Obama books and my local B&N and someone had come along and placed conservative, Ann Coulter-ish books mixed in with the Obama books. They had turned the Obama books backward and all kinds of stupid ass shit. Some were on the floor.

    It was right in front of the customer service kiosk too and none of the employees seem to have noticed.

    It just made me kind of uneasy.

  5. Based on the statement from Barnes and Noble, we are now supposed to believe that a customer had the opportunity and the cover to pull this off without ANYBODY being able to see him? This is bulls**t of the smelliest kind.

    The gift cards that I have from B&N now have a date with my shredder.

  6. Andre: I agree witcha 100 percent 🙂 I know from previous experience that corporate headquarters actually emails the store of what books should be on each display and how they should be set up. So nope, that was a jerk employee or customer.

    Miss KD: Don’t shred them, just give them to me! I think we’ve all worked retail before and the employees are used to books being all over the wrong place. To be honest, there’s only so much that you can ask a person making $7.50/hour to do, much less look for racially charged displays that have been misplaced while on duty! For all we know,the person who “leaked” the picture couldve placed the book there themselves, taken the pic, sold the pic all the while earning a nice little paycheck and some publicity…

  7. i agree with Greg that this is just a reminder of the racism that still exists in this world. i’m sure they’ll be more things of this nature to surface over the months and years, but i’m glad Obama stays focused on the issues at hand that he’s working on. sometimes i think we need to not give place to the devil and ignore these kinds of things.

  8. barnes and noble should look at theire inside camera and see if it was an employee who did it. If so make that employee issue an apology and fire his or her butt immediately and clear b & n of this crap.

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