9 comments on “Tough Love Hate

  1. Right! I forgot. HIV is only transmitted by sexually promiscuous people.

    God, I hope this guy was neutered.

  2. Just hang tight Andre. It will only be a short matter of time before this soulless vulture is caught up in some sort of prostitution ring or some pedophiliac scandal with a young, male intern. The ones who make the most noise are usually the ones with the most in their closets.

  3. I can just see the new Republican motto now: Pro-life. Good. Unless your mother is a whore.

  4. W/ a bit of luck, he’ll be forced to resign, & then move-on to some higher-paying position “on the board” w/ some multi-national corporation. Wait…did I just say “w/ a bit of luck”? Christ, I hate American politics.

    On the bright side, a little known fact: Mother’s receiving the current HIV meds have only a 2% chance of passing the virus onto their child(ren). The chances of a mother not receiving the meds passing it on are ~20-25%. Many people still view the act of a HIV+ mother giving birth as a death sentence for the newborn, when that’s simply not the case nowadays.


  5. Like you nic, I despise American politcs. But in the interest of offering some political commentary here: if I was Michael Steele or any other prominent Republicans, I would create as much distance from this senator as possible. Pro-lifers especially stand to get a black eye by not excoriating his statements. Standing by idly makes the entire pro-life movement hypocritical. They stand on their soap box preaching to the masses about how the unborn should not be victimized because of their parents’ mistake. Yet, this is EXACTLY what Sen. Lamebrain is proposing. Keep this up and Obama will have smooth sailing in 2012.

  6. This blog is a little too leftist for my liking, but I’ll comment where its appropriate.

    I just have to ask one thing: Did anybody notice that the REAL story? Did anybody notice that the government is trying to force women to get tested against their wishes? The last thing we need right now if more government interference with our lives. After reading the article again I have a simple question. Are our elected officials actually proposing that every woman in this state that gets pregnant must be tested for HIV? The liberal media playing games of selective coverage once again. What else is new?

  7. “This blog is a little too leftist for my liking…”

    Yet, you managed to make your presence known. Get a life.

    “The last thing we need right now if more government interference with our lives.”

    Like how the GOP favors telling women what to do with their own bodies? Once again, get a life.

    “The liberal media playing games of selective coverage once again.”

    Providing coverage of an elected official advocating children suffering. Clearly a liberal media bias. One last time, get a life.

  8. @ Not the Average Redneck: Many states, Michigan included, already automatically, w/, or w/out the mother’s permission, test the neonate for 50+ different illnesses/disorders. Why? For the sake of the child, as some of those illnesses can be corrected if detected immediately after birth. So, the reasoning for testing a mother for HIV prenatally should be common sense (& IMO, mandatory), as the potential for the baby to actually acquire the virus can be substantially reduced provided the mother is given the current anti-viral meds being administered to HIV+ patients.

    This isn’t political.


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