4 comments on “Wait for it. Wait for it…

  1. The idea of being patient falls somewhat in line with the Congressional Budget Office’s predictions that the recession would subside this year without a stimulus package. I don’t know why Obama has been trying to peddle this stimulus crap in our face. Recessions are all apart of the economic cycle. We’ve had them before, we’ll have them again. All this is Obama’s attempt to take OUR hard earned money and carry out his socialist agenda.

  2. Hey Dre,
    I have a hard time buying into the argument that a good war will pull us out of the recession (depression, whatever.) The war machinery of WW2, for instance, was generated by the shops. This helped put people to work. Wars are now fought with drones, technology, satellites etc. Not by mass producing tanks and guns. The problem is your applying an economic model (and so is everyone else including Mr. Krugman IMO) that is outdated. There’s so much more to be considered. Bloggers, for instance. We have our opinions sent out in the blink of an eye. Those opinions can help drive fear….or confidence. the Internet is a media source not easily controlled like in WW2. I agree that this economic crisis will, most likely, cycle itself out. But for me or anyone else to say it with any certainy would be dishonest.

  3. You’re right Josh. Obama is using his slight of hand to rob the American people blind. His stimulus package is the product of a failed understanding of economics.

  4. Funny how the same people whining about the Obama stimulus plan failed to shed a tear over GWB’s package (all of which had zero oversight & accountability) & still to this day staunchly defend the $500,000 the US is spending per minute in Iraq. Perhaps the FoxNews quotes to should be left to…FoxNews?

    Andre, and to some extent HC, touched on something important. Germany, which was virtually annihilated TWICE within 30 years, rebounded after each war, & to this day hold some political weight, considering. However, Germans [along w/ post-war(s) assistance from a # of foreign nations] actually created things. What worries me in the current state of the US economy is that, while the US GDP is still on the rise, we’ve sent (& continue to send) so many formerly-US jobs across our border that we’ve found ourselves in the predicament of having to create new industries. Creating new industry is hardly a bad thing (few but big-oil can argue that alt-fuel tech, in all it’s rage now, is a bad thing), but these industries don’t spring-up overnight. While I don’t foresee the sane of us eating leaves off of trees anytime soon, I dont’ think the “It’ll only be another year” or “It’ll naturally correct itself” arguments are anywhere near accurate.

    And while disagreeing w/ a Nobel Laureate who has faaaaar more knowledge pertaining to his field than I is almost certainly foolish, I can’t help to think that a comparison of the current state of the US economy to that of *1873* is just plain silly.


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