12 comments on “Be Careful What You Wish For…

  1. It is never acceptable to beat on a woman no matter what she may have done to provoke the incident. Have we gotten so uncivilized as a culture that we reduce ourselves to beating up women if we can’t talk things through?

    Then again, you’re right: Women should never accept being beat on. Anything short of pressing charges is condoning his behavior. I hope that she at least makes one step in the right direction by not taking him back. It annoys me when women put up with that kind of mistreatment because they feel they must have that man in their life.

  2. I’m glad Chris Brown got exposed. Fans need to see what they support. They need to see that behind the voice and the clean cut appearance is a person who beat up his girlfriend. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt when I’m not there to make an impartial assessment. But there is no justification in this case. This is what happens when you teach your child how to sing and dance for money before you teach him how to be a man.

  3. Eh. She’ll be back with him soon. Because she just loooves her man.

    Seen this all before.

  4. Missing from this discussion is an important point: the negligence of the police in leaking this photo. If this picture is indeed the one taken by the police, then how can any victim of abuse (regardless of sex, race, etc.) feel safe and confident that they will be protected? Fear is the number one reason victims of abuse do not come forward more. Fear of being exposed, outed, and embarrassed only compound the issue.

  5. I’ve been reading about this story all over the internet and the prevalent thing I’ve been hearing is how wrong it is for men to hit women. I agree. But I think the bigger message should be the people don’t hit other people. Period!

    I know several women including my younger sister who get a kick out of getting in a man’s face, hitting them, ridiculing them, and daring them to do something. The minute the man reacts, they cry abuse. I don’t know what happened in Rhianna’s case. But if she was egging him on, it’s like they say: if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

  6. rhonda, I actually agree somewhat – even if this puts me in the dog house. If a woman tries to cloak herself in her female status while trying to get in man’s face, she needs to brace herself for the consequences. I’m not saying that’s what happened here. I have to throw that out for people who will narrow-mindedly assume I’m talking about Rhianna. I’m just saying that some men have the ability to walk away, others don’t.

  7. Hey Dre,
    I get where your coming from on how Rhianna is complicit by being with someone like Brown. I’ve seen a lot of women, my own mother included, who convince themselves that he really loves them and will change. “He’s just under a lot of stress lately.” My Mom would assure us after a bad beating. Let me assure all you women out there, IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE! Most women that I’ve seen in this situatiion slowly lose their self esteem, blame themselves and drag their poor kids through their miserable life. Look for the red flags! Does he treat other people that he has power over badly? Does he cut people off on the highway or laugh at other people’s misfortune? Does he demonstrate empathy only for his own victimization and never for others? Does he abuse his pets? Does he always claim past girlfriends are “pyscho” or “a real bitch?” The flags are out there, you just have to look. However, I would also like to say that just because a women allows herself to be a victim DOESN’T change who the man is. He’s still a vile, disgusting excuse for a man. I would never BE with a woman that pushed me or hit me in anger. Just because you have a good excuse doesn’t change the act or who you are. If I rape your sister because you raped mine, I’m justified….but I’m still a rapist.

  8. Mike – you make it sound like Rihanna was attacking Brown. I’ve yet to see photos of him with injuries. Chris Brown is clearly bigger and stronger than Rhianna is. Even if she DID attack, the photos tell another story. A real man would never do these things. A real man would have walked away regardless of what she was saying or doing, and that’s only ASSUMING she did anything so horrible the only sentence to be imposed would be this type of ass whooping.

    Chris Brown is a bully who needs to be in a jail cell. Anybody who thinks otherwise should be his cell mate.

  9. Miss KD, please tell me WHERE in my comments I said Rihanna was attacking him. No one knows what really happened there except Rihanna and Chris Brown. I was just saying that if any female gets in a mans face (not saying that Rihanna did or didn’t because I was not there and specifics have not been released or confirmed) they have to be prepared for the consequences. As I said, they both had the option of walking away from each other when the argument started and that did not happen obviously. There is never a reason for this type of violence, sometimes its based on one person’s actions. Sometimes it’s based on what both people bring to the table. No one knows for sure.

  10. Never can we really know why someone does something that seems out of our realm of normalcy . If not in that postion , the factors weighing your reasons of logic can be altered so far from the person of intrest ,that your opinion or rather the aim of blame can be splintered and as in this case and re inflict the victim . people of abuse in any form . many recant their stories in order to bring a sense of calmness , or normal life to end all the kaos caused by whatever event happened , sort of like a way to absorb the shock and get away from the issue entirely.
    I think that is manditory in many places that when an assult happens where there is eveidence of that assult and the police are involved , the victim does not have a choice ,the person who committed the assult is arrested and charged by the police .THERE is good reason for this , as I said many recant and the cycle continues . Sad but True .

    remember : always with a kind heart 😉

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