8 comments on “Stimulus in…Cuba?

  1. ..well what the heck! everybody else is coming over to the USA, under the Obama/Biden Presidency. why not the Cubians too…They, the Cubian society did recently change their President and that new Cubian President did open up a few new freedoms for his people…

    I.m sure the “Gitmo” prison site and land area will not be missed by the Cubian citizens…glad to be among those counting down the days to the closing of the “Gitmo” Prison site…maybe some of the Stimulus Package monies could be used to generate a few jobs that deal with the tearing down and dismantling of the structures and torture chambers of the “Gitoprison sites…

  2. “House Republicans mostly contend that we should not economically engage with Cuba due to its longstanding history of communism.”

    What people like this don’t seem to get is that when Castro was in power he frequently used these embargos as motivation to keep Cubans hating America. Castro was allowed to deflect the blame away from his and some his disasterous policies and onto us. What better way to silence this anti-American sentiment than by opening up trade and travel?

    President Carter had this right. Too bad Bush wasn’t listening.

  3. For the record, travel and trade are not unheard concepts with other democratic nations and Cuba. It’s just that the U.S. government likes to hold pointless grudges.

  4. Hey Dre,
    I’m all for opening up our trade with Cuba. It’s sad and stupid that we hold onto this embargo just so we can say (after Fidel dies) “See, it worked.” Cuba has beautiful beaches (along with beautiful women) and can be a tropical destination for American looking for some place close and cheap. I have to take issue though with your statement that finding a currency worth less than the U.S. Dollar is “a rarity these days”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Of the top 50 currencies in the world, only five are better than 1 to 1 exchange (site; http://www.x-rates.com/d/USD/table.html) and the dollar has been, and still is, rising against most currencies. The Euro for instance has lost a lot of ground since Sept. ’08. It was at a $1.47 then and is at $1.25 (site; http://www.x-rates.com/d/USD/EUR/graph120.html) Sorry to point this out but it’s the only good news for the U.S. out there. I don’t want people to think everything’s bad when then dollar is actually gaining strength overseas.

  5. I think that it is really ignorant to think that you will be travel to Cuba for a cheap vacation. Apparently you know nothing about the dual currency system which is run down there making tourists pay in the overvalued CUC and which is more than equal to the $. On the other hand, the local pay in the local currency and therefore have access to practically nothing. Don’t expect anything cheap, and on your visit keep in mind that your money will be used to further exploit the people of the country who without remmitences from abroad or employment in the tourism sector are living in poverty.

    Comment to ilmulhaqq: Get your facts straight, the new president was not elected, he was appointed and they are still waiting for formal “elections”. Furthermore, those new freedoms you claim exisit are:
    1. being able to own a cell phone which costs approximately $60 which is more than people earn in 3 months.
    2. being able to purchase computers, which are also too expensive to actually afford and they are still not able to gain access to the internet (that’s illegal unless you are officially authorized and even then it is highly censored).

    WAKE UP PEOPLE, the Cuban government is a brutal DICTATORSHIP which has survived by exploiting its people for the last 50 yrs.

  6. @ ilmulhaqq: Welcome to the conversation.

    I’m not sure how you’ve concluded that immigration have become so much more of an issue in the past month as it has been over the past several decades. If there was a sudden wave of Cuban immigrants flocking to the states (those fortunate enough to take advantage of the Cuban Adjustment Act without getting killed or smuggled), this practice would’ve have started years ago under different administrations. You’ll have to explain your connection with increased Cuban immigration and President Obama.

    @ J. Alex and Greg: Good points. I would hardly call the U.S. trade and travel embargo effective. Several industrialized nations have built – and continue to maintain – solid trading relationships with Cuba, especially with energy, tourism, and materials. This mutually beneficial relationship has given perks to each nation. Meanwhile, the U.S. has been missing its piece of the pie. And for what? An aging leader who stepped down on his own?


    @ agc: Welcome to the conversation.

    If talks of an embargo go beyond the House floor, I expect to see some changes in Cuba’s dual currency system. Truthfully, none of this is going to happen tomorrow. Making changes to rapidly is a perfect recipe for hyperinflation. I concede to that point. But at the same time, I think if lifts on trade/travel bans can become more of a reality, a currency merge would be likely.

  7. HipCon, I was joking at the dollar thing. But I am wondering when the American dollar will get to the point where it will be as valuable as Charmin Extra Soft.

  8. my concern people, is the closing of the “Gitmo” prison site in Cuba. Even though the area that the prison site is located on. It is contested by the USA-government-so called “powers that be”.
    Still the prison has over 9-months’ time before a projected closing is to begin.. We saw the blogging about Cuba and thought this would be a good time to introduce my concerns about the whole kit and kabootal about Cuba… DUH, DUHH!!,
    Did you get it, or what…

    Clear and transparent

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