9 comments on “Stop: In the Name of God!

  1. hey Andre, hope all has been going well with you. my life is so different and busy right now, i’m totally dependent on God, even to allowing Him to lead me when to blog since blogging has had to take a waaaaay back seat in my day-to-day priorities of things to do for now. however, i had a dream this morning, and i knew thru the dream i was to read your blog today. i had no idea what was awaiting me, but in seeing this post, i know it’s something that God wanted me to see.

    the Bible says to acknowledge God in ALL of our ways, and He will direct our path (Proverbs 3:6). i’m a firm believer in that, but i must admit, i don’t always remember to do so. most times, but not always. and the times i don’t acknowledge Him before doing something or making a decision, i sometimes pay a price for not doing so. even then, i can see the grace of God in not letting or allowing things to get too far out of hand, kind of like in the dream Abimelech had..

    by acknowledging God and following His path, it prevents me from doing wrong or going in the wrong direction. even then, i have a will, and can choose to ignore God or not acknowledge/seek Him in the first place. then there are still those times, when God steps in to prevent a catastrophe i can’t see or don’t know about beforehand, simply because He’s God, i’m His child, He’s my protector, and no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

    i defintely believe God can and does save me from myself many times, but even in the times when i move too fast, ahead of Him, or lag too far behind Him when i’m supposed to be farther along, i still glean some kind of lesson from it.

    He definitely has my praises also. what an excellent first post for me to read after being away so long. take care!

  2. God does not violate our free wills. You can sin without God stopping you. He will warn you. He may even make it inconvenient and difficult, and will always provide a way of escape, but you can ignore Him and still sin. And that sin will bring consequences. And if you ignore God enough He will chastise you. But He will not stop you.

  3. Very nice post Andre. Gives me a different perspective to consider! I was blessed reading this.

  4. Anonymous: I think you are missing the point of this post. God, being the supreme ruler He is, sees the potential wrongness in our actions. Most of the time, He will give us the free reign to continue down the wrong path. But every now and then, He’ll shield us from wrongdoing by removing that which would cause us to unwittingly do harm. What makes it so wonderful is that we don’t know where, when, or how God intervenes. But we rest in knowing that He always has our best interests at heart – even when we don’t.

  5. Andre, I appreciate the creative thinking that went into this post, but I think Anonymous is mostly correct. I think God presents us options. But He ultimately leaves it up to us to make the decision. Even in Abimelech’s, the king had choices. He just decided – based on the information presented to him – not to engage with Sarah. God never physically forced him not to. Through all things, God gives us will.

  6. Nope….not exactly.

    If it is true that God helps those who help themselves…. Inversely …. God doesn’t necessarily help those who don’t want to do for themselves. He doesn’t always intervene directly to save those who don’t necessarily want to be saved from themselves. God provides various paths for people to take in life. People make the correct choices on moral issues based on their knowledge of God. God intervenes indirectly through the knowledge he gives you.

    Abimelech’s dream was not a direct intervention…. Instead it was a manifestation of Abimelech’s own conscience. And conscience is formed by what? Knowledge. In Abimelech’s case, it came from the knowledge of God.

    People make right or wrong choices based on knowledge of God, knowledge of right and wrong and the power of their faith. When we have dreams about messages from God… often that’s our own conscience telling us something…. Highlighting information that God has already provided through knowledge, life lessons learned, etc.

    God allows people to make choices, in part, to provide a lesson… if not to the individual…. At least to others who will see the example of what happens when people make certain choices. Even with all the evidence of what could happen when people take the wrong road… people still end up making the decision to go down the wrong path…even with danger signs in plain sight. God… the Supreme Being or however you refer to the higher power…doesn’t intervene in all or even most situations…. If this were the case, there would be no suicides, no need for prisons, few murders, no drug addicts, etc.

  7. @ Sylv: Hi buddy! I’ve missed seeing you around the blogosphere. I’m glad God blessed me with your visit.

    had no idea what was awaiting me, but in seeing this post, i know it’s something that God wanted me to see.

    I’m glad I held off on the post about 1-legged, midget prostitutes.

    then there are still those times, when God steps in to prevent a catastrophe i can’t see or don’t know about beforehand, simply because He’s God, i’m His child, He’s my protector, and no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

    Call me religiously battled, but this is an aspect of God that makes me love Him and get annoyed by Him at the same time. On the one hand, I have a strong conviction – perhaps just viscerally – that I have been subjected to my own intervention from God, for which I am thankful and excited. But not having that directly revealed to me leaves me in the dark, so to speak.

    I guess I should be used to this by now. God is really no different than my parents were in that respect.

    @ Jos: LOL! I remember those days! RIP Rev. Carl.

    @ Cyn, Anonymous, AI: Perhaps I didn’t make my point clear. I’ll try to elaborate.

    I think God showed his ability to stop a person from sinning without necessarily taking away that person’s free will. What God did instead, IMO, was interfere with the conditions required for King Abimelech to carry out something he had already planned to do, thereby defusing what would have been a certain and – perhaps, inevitable – outcome. To put it another way, I wonder if God intervenes after the person has already made a conscious decision to do something, but before that something gets carried out. I liken it to a person having an intention to do something, but inexplicably finding themselves in a position where they can’t consciously get motivated/inspired enough to do it.

    So even when Abimelech freely decided to have intercourse with Sarah, God interrupted his distal intentions and – in so doing – the outcome itself.

  8. Andre, I can count on you to send me back to my Bible for further study. This is a post that makes us think. Thanks.

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