5 comments on “Stretching a Buck

  1. The harvest is great, but the laborers are few. There is plenty of work we can all do to care for our brothers and sisters. If we each do our part, imagine how great the world would be, whether it’s a $5000 bailout or offering a person $5 for food.

  2. Andre,

    This post was great! Your words depicted the realization I’ve been battling myself. As I’ve decided to work toward social justice, I started realizing how exhausting and time consuming it all is. There are parts embedded in me that respond to negatively when I’m feeling tired, lazy, or emotionally drained. I wonder, “Is it really going to matter if I did this or that…?” Just simple tasks like giving somebody change causes me to ask if I can truly make a difference. But then I remember that all great movements in history started with a person or an ideal. Even the less historic – but just as impactful things started the same way. We can all play a part, be it big or small.

  3. Dre, knowing you personally, I already know that you’ve got a heart of pure gold. The things you’ve done for others – and continue to do – have been more significant than you may think. In fact, even as I’m typing this, I’m realizing what I love you so much: your humility. I love how you’ll do some amazing feat but won’t tell a soul about it. I had to find out about New Orleans second hand. I found out about WSU second hand. I found out about the fundraising for the homeless you did second hand.

    If everybody in the world had your spirit, there would be more starfish thrown back in the sea.

  4. Andre, this is a GREAT idea! I can tell a lot of thought and time went into this. I knew my brotha had the expertise to pull this off. 🙂

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