12 comments on “But, for the mistakes of others

  1. Hey Dre,
    This is exactly why I don’t support the death penalty despite the fact that I would have no problem killing a criminal (for a capital crime, while in the act) myself. In order to inact that kind of punishment, you have to be 100% sure. Often times people can look incredibly guilty and not actually be guilty. Anyone that’s ever been wrongly accused can understand this. Another problem I have with the death penalty is that it’s not handed out equally and I don’t agree with valuing people’s life differently based on their job (I.E. a cop). The poor also suffer it far more than the rich for the exact crime.

  2. Great. More of this backward liberalism. Being against the death penalty, but having no problem with abortion. Both result in the loss of life. But one method gets it right 99% of the time by getting the guilty. The other gets it wrong 100% by killing the innocent.

  3. I read this story on another site as well. Nowhere did I hear anything about Cole’s lawyer. There were too many wide open holes in the case for even a decent to good lawyer to miss. WHat I think Cole was stuck with was an overworked public defender who lacked the reources and concern to defend him adequately. We talk about all the other obvious characters in the story, but don’t turn out attention to the public defenders.

  4. So let me get this straight: the suspect was described as a “chain smoker”, while Tim Cole was an asthmatic NON-smoker. Cole’s fingerprints weren’t found ANYWHERE at the crime scene. No DNA matches. An alibi supported by other witnesses, who were then shut down themselves. AND another person admitting to the crime.


    Our brilliant justice system at its finest.

  5. Hey Josh,
    I can’t speak for everyone, but my personal stand has more to do with the administration of the death penalty than the morality of killing someone. Oddly enough, I don’t support abortion on a personal level, but I do support the pro-choice stance based on complications of illegalizing the killing of babies from conception. For instance, if two girls get in a fight in a bar and one is two months pregnant and loses her baby as a result, is that murder or at least manslaughter? Then there’s the issue of stare decisis or res judicata. I think your oversimplifying the problem. For further insight into my thinking, I’m also a hunter. My philosophy is built on different values of life, like a cow to a human or a mass murderer to a saint. It’s not at all inconsistant, in my world, all life is not the same.

  6. @ Josh: I could get into all the same ole tired arguments about embryos not having a central nervous system, developed organs, or anything to make it “alive”, or how the GOP is more concern about protecting the unborn than they are about the living. But that discussion has been had ad nauseum. You can continue if you want. I’m not so sure too many people are listening.

  7. Our criminal judicial system is not, nor has it ever been, about seeking justice. It has always been about find the easy and convenient suspect. Guilt and innocence take a backseat to the ease of closing a case.

  8. I can feel the sexism charges coming on here, but the accuser Michele Malin bears some of the responsibility for helping put an innocent man behind bars. She never made any attempt to get to the bottom of things. She was a victim, sure. But what about this poor dude left to rot in a jail? What about his family? The Cole family should sue the pants off the Dallas P.D. and Mallin for good measure.

  9. J. Alex, I actually agree with you. You’re not alone.

    I won’t deny her status as a victim, but her agony is NOTHING compared to what her testimony brought on that guy. When i think about how she could’ve went back and thought more about this, the more at fault she seems. Before saying something that would affect somebody’s life forever, she needed to think – TRULY THINK – about this. But she just went with what the police wanted her to do. That’s a shame.

  10. My point exactly Mike. If you’re raped which involves close physical contact, how can you NOT get the right person? She’s just as fault for this man’s suffering as the cops and courts.

  11. Stories like this give me shivers all around. Obviously, there is heartfelt sorry for Mr. Cole and his family. Such a needless waste of a promising life. But just as bad is when people are trying to blame the victim. She never asked to get raped. Plus, being in that state of mind impacts judgement and logical. Unless its happened to others, they have no right to judge.

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