7 comments on “A Murderous Economy

  1. Another tragedy in which people place money above life.

    When a millionaire or billionaire commits suicide due to losing money, there are some people who actually find pleasure in the rich man who cannot fathom being poor or having less wealth.

    The man in this story is no different than the wealthy who kill themselves because of money, except I have not read any stories whereby a wealthy man kills his wife and children in the process.

    There is a fundamental problem in the USA regarding greed and material possessions among all income levels. Americans must get back on track to the basics in life, such as appreciating the gift of life and family. The children in this family deserved a chance to live, and they would have accepted and adjusted to a poorer lifestyle as long as their parents loved them and cared for them. My heart bleeds for them.

    There is no excuse for these type of murder-suicides. There is more to life than money and materialism.

  2. ” Lupoe and his wife were fired from their positions because of fraud. They were not laid off or downsized due to the state of the economy.”

    I’m very glad you made that distinction. Getting fired because your job has been slashed and getting fired because of fraud are two different things. Nevertheless facing a dismal economy and having five children looking at you can’t be easy. But that NEVER justifies murder/suicide.

  3. What could drive a man to look at his children and kill them? I truly hope, just for my sanity’s sake, this had more to do with just a job. I need to believe that somebody would not be that sick.

    My heart is sad for the children. May God embrace them in His arms, where no man can harm them.

  4. When I hear stories like this, I am eternally grateful that I grew up poor and struggling. Too many of us expect to live a certain kind of way and with a certain level of ease. Then when we are faced with setbacks, that means the end of the world…or in this case the end of a life. I’m both unashamed and thankful for the life I spent on WIC. It motivated me to do more to care for my family, but it also kept me humble and strong during times of hardship.

    I share in your thoughts Saved Sinner. I pray these beautiful children are safe in the presence of God.

  5. Thanks for sharing your story Joanne. I wish Mr. Lupoe heard that before he pulled off this heinous act. The fear of struggling and not meeting the social definition of a man was enough to lead him to kill his entire family. I understand how difficult it is to feel inadequate by not being able to provide for your family. I’ve been there as well. I never thought I’d see myself on welfare, but I had to do what I had to do. I would gladly take a handout before I ever laid a finger on my family.

  6. Where have we gotten in the world where possessions and “being a man” have become more important than the lives of five innocent and beautiful babies? It hurts to imagine what these children could have been. Now, we’ll never know.

  7. What drives someone to such despair? I think it has to do with a misguided sense of what brings value to their lives. It may seem that this guy saw his worth too much tied to his financial and social status. Sadly, he should have seen the worth of his family instead. Still, I wonder if more of us would fail if put to the test. There but for the grace of God go I.

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