21 comments on “Is Virginia Tech cursed?

  1. My Lord! What the heck is happening over at VT?! What’s going with the Asian student population there?!

    I know I should not generalize based on two separate incidents. But dang!

  2. Actually Cynthia, you raise a good point. I am starting to wonder what kind of student services VT has for international students. If they don’t provide adequate counseling and support for students coming from abroad, maybe VT is partially responsible.

  3. Guys, I understand what you’re saying. But Seung-Hui Cho practically lived in the states all his life. I don’t think the issue has as much to do with international student services.

  4. Not even if I was offered a full ride scholarship would I go to VT. The school is starting to become infamous for these kind of things. As a result, copycats are sure to be on the rise.

  5. It may be two unrelated incidents but I agree with both Megan and Cynthia that at the very least someone should look into this matter of adequate counseling and support for foreign students. Sometimes it is just a matter of knowing that there is someone to turn to for help. Thank you for your compassionate handling of this incident and of both victim and killer.

  6. @ J.Alex, that’s a pretty effortless attempt to generalize. School killings happen in other places not named Virginia Tech as well. Suggesting that people are duplicating similar killings might be a stretch.

    @ LGS: I don’t disagree with the need for solid support services for international students. Even on my campus, there has been a recent burst in the international population. But I think schools should be doing this anyway and not just as some visceral response to killings perpetrated by foreigners.

    BTW, I think I may have been talking with my anger when suggesting that I could easily sentence people like Zu with an all-access pass to Hell. But I am growing decidedly unsympathetic for people like him who kill with absolutely no regard and for no purpose. But this should be just as much about praying for healing as it is about condemning the guilty. Thanks for your comments!

  7. Hey Dre,
    Welcome Back! Now that it’s official, when’s lunch?
    First, let me extend my sympathies to the family of this poor girl, I can’t begin to imagine how horrific it must be.
    Now, I have to ask. How many more innocent people have to die before we finally realize that the problem is the knives! I’m calling on our Democrat controlled Congress to immediately inact a “Murder Weapon Ban” much like the highly effective “Assualt Weapon Ban”. Now, I know nutty people like the Republicans and the NRA will say it’s the people not the weapons. But how long have we tolerated innocent deaths when all we have to do is remove these “murder weapons”. If these weapons weren’t in the hands of these kids that young lady would still be alive..END OF STORY! Please help me support a “Murder Weapon Ban” before another innocent young life is taken!

  8. thehc, you’re joking right? A cooking instrument and a weapon that can discharge hundreds of bullets at 800 – 1200 mph are completely different things. If mass shooters were only armed with a knife, there’s no way their body counts would be as high. I understand the temptation to bring gun control into the debate. But it doesn’t fit.

    If you ARE joking, ignore everything I said.

  9. Hey Megan,
    Hi. Of course I’m joking. I was doing a little satire on how we take a phrase like “Assault Weapon” (isn’t any weapon I assault someone with an
    Assault Weapon”?) and use it to promote legislation that does little if anything to address the root problem; That people don’t value life and try to solve all their problems with violence, no matter the weapon. I was trying to demonstrate how verbage and an emotional incident (such as this) can make anything sound logical no matter the effectiveness of the actual legislation. To prove my point-You’re not saying you’re FOR keeping murder weapons legal, are you Megan? Try telling that young women’s family people have a “right” to have knives after one killed their daughter. See, I’m using an emotional situation to make an irrational point. I’m sorry you misunderstood me, sometimes my point of reference is a little vague 🙂

    P.S. Bullets are measured in feet per second (fps)-for future use, you can say 1000 to 3000 fps and you would be close. 800 to 1200 mph would be a very slow bullet. I’m a hunter and a very responsible gun owner.

  10. Anonymous, no campus is completely safe. To call VT a hellhole is to have a complete ignorance of the school. When my cousin was a stupid there, he never experienced as much as a stolen pencil. There are over 25,000 students on the campus. The occasional act of violence, even those as horrific as VT’s, can’t be used to define the entire campus.

    Instead of being too harsh on the university, perhaps prayers for the families and victims would be more appropriate.

  11. Good thing this wasn’t another school shooting. The last thing we need right now is more 2nd Ammendment libs making unnecessary noise.

  12. I’m just pointing out a piece of truth. Before people want to villify gun owners, remember that people don’t need a gun to kill.

  13. “I’m just pointing out a piece of truth. Before people want to villify gun owners, remember that people don’t need a gun to kill.”

    Yeah, Josh. I’m sure that’s comforting to the families. Idiot.

  14. Nevermind all the debates about guns and violence. All this is – and all it SHOULD be seen as – is an unfortunate loss of two promising students. Come on, people. Be mature about this.

  15. As a mother of a college student, I am very distressed after hearing this story. This For parents, seeing their children in college fulfills their hopes and dreams. But how quicky can those dreams dissipate when something so tragic happens. It’s especially sad when the student travels thousands of miles away from home to a new way of life and call victim to such a horrendous act. This brutal murder has to be devestating to this young woman’s family. More than one life has been destroyed, I’m afraid, by this young man. My prayers are with them all.

  16. This is so tragic! She had just moved here and now she is gone. She didn’t even have time to experience United States. No sooner than she arrived in the country, she was taken in a cold and brutal fashion.

    I’m praying for her family and the family of the killer. Heaven knows they need it now. So sad.

  17. Josh, what’s your deal man? Outside of what was apparently a joke by thehc, nobody mentioned anything about gun control or the 2nd amendment. Get a clue, dude.

  18. it is a tragic situation for all involved: the families, the students, the university, even for those of us who didn’t know them. my prayers are with them all too.

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