10 comments on “The DC Divas

  1. The nerve of some people! Trying to use Obama’s historical election as some forum to be the same old spoiled, overindulged, brats. To call these two divas is an insult to divas everywhere. To call these two black women is an insult to black women everywhere.

  2. Mariah’s tantrum was definitely not justified. But I can understand Beyonce’s issue. Walking in heels is never fun. Walking in cold is even worse. Walking in an area with millions of people trying to get photos and autographs caps it off. I don’t think she should’ve went on as if she needed the royal treatment, but I can see why she’d want to avoid the walk.

  3. I don’t know why these chicks think they deserve some kind of special treatment. They are celebrities…yes. But they’re only famous for being able to sing! They haven’t discovered the cure for AIDS. They haven’t brought about world peace. They haven’t ended poverty. They’re good at what they do, but in the scheme of things, singing is not important to the world…especially singing R&B. Other people with more notable and impactful singing careers may be a little different. But Mirium Makeba, they are not!

  4. I cannot get over the egos of many of these celebrities. Millions of people would have GLADLY had the same opportunities these celebrities had. People walked for miles and stood out in the cold just to take part in this celebration and these two are throwing hissing fits over NOTHING?! They should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. C’mon guys. This isn’t as bad as you’re making it. True, I’m usually against celebs acting snobbish, but some sort of arrangements should have been made for them as they participated in this event. Again, Mariah’s fits were no excuse. But for Beyonce, safety and her well-being were under consideration. Dressed in high heels doing a hike in the bitter cold could have been a problem. On top of that, her status as an international superstar would have drawn lots of people to her that she would have just as soon avoided. Her requests were not all that unreasonable.

  6. Beyonce must have more stroke than Mariah. At least the Secret Service gave in to her demands.

  7. @ Greg: “At least the Secret Service gave in to her demands.”

    It’s a fine day in America when the group in charge of protecting the President of the United States can get pushed around by a spoiled brat of a singer. Hooray for security!

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