obama-spidey1Just when I thought the good President-Elect from Illinois couldn’t become more of a demi-GOD, Marvel Comics has topped anything I could ever imagine. Apparently, our next President will be featured in an Inauguration edition of Spider Man

Without giving away all the details, I’ve read that the plot involves Spidey’s alter-ego Peter Parker taking pictures during the inauguration. In the process, he notices two identical Barack Obamas. After intervening in the matter, Spidey neutralizes the fake Obama; who turns out to be one of the strip’s supervillians The Chameleon. In gratitude, Obama gives Spidey a fist bump.

The Huffington Post has  provided a sneak peek of the comic.  Click here to check it out.

OK: This is lame, no doubt. And I’m definitely expecting the right to use this to fuel their contention of media bias for Obama (while conveniently ignoring President Reagan’s appearance in Superman). But, I ain’t gon’ even lie: I found it at least moderately cool to see Obama – a self-professed fan of Spiderman – appearing in the comic.

Still, is this going too far?