17 comments on “Non-father of the year

  1. The problem with this country is that we are all stuck in the “me first” way of thinking. People too often feel like they’re entitled to everything while being absolved from all responsibility. People today are self-centered and and narcissistic. But I would’ve NEVER saw something like this coming.

  2. This is the reason why child support laws should be ammended. Sometimes these laws make it hard for people to do thier jobs. If child support laws are fixed, maybe stories like this and the Santa shooting in Califorina would never happen.

  3. Anonymous, while I agree to an extent about the child support laws, there is one area which requires correcting: Bruce Jeffery Pardo (the California Santa shooter) was forced to pay spousal support, not child support. I think alimony is the devil in many cases and is one of the reasons I don’t plan to ever get married (at least not without a prenuptual agreement). But child support laws are the worst.

    Still, as I’ve said, no amount of child support on the planet should be the worth the life of the child him/herself.

  4. Thank you for the correction. But the fact remains that this kind of thing happens to thousands of men every year. Courts are forcing men to pay absene amounts of money when they can’t afford it. If they try to get second and third jobs, the courts just demand more out of them. Its a situation where fathers just can not get a break.

  5. Anon, as I said before, child support enforcement is evil. But it’s a necessary evil for those who wantonly disregard their roles as fathers. Without some kind of system in place, women would be left to solely provide for children, while men continue hopping from bed to bed; leaving their marks in other women’s wombs.

    But at the same time, I think the “system” should be taken to task as the obscene over-enforcement of child care laws present real challenges to men looking for legitimate employment. The idea of Uncle Sam ganking 40% of your check for child support doesn’t make working a regular job very appealing. For this reason, I’ve always advocated some sort of federal program for aiding the poorer parent in paying child support to the other. Contrary to the reports on deadbeat, low-life parents, lots of parents are doing everything they can to take care of their seedm, but are just having trouble making ends meet. Still, I can bet most of them aren’t out their killing their kids in some sort of heartless attempt to get out responsibility.

  6. This is, indeed, such a sad story. No one EVER has a reason to take a child’s life. I can’t imagine NOT taking responsibility for my kids.

  7. Hey Dre,
    As the father of 3 and the grandfather of 6, these stories make me absolutely nauseus. How could someone kill a child? Oddly, when you look at the stats on infanticide, it’s overwhelmingly the parents that do the killing. The trend all through the ’70’s and 80’s was more and more infanticide. This was blamed heavily on the legalization of abortion by people on the right. The logic that they claim was the used by the parent/killers is based in the legalization of abortion; “If I can kill my kid in the womb, why not after it’s born?” I don’t know if that can really be linked, but the trends after Roe vs. Wade do seem to support it. Infanticide has leveled off recently and even fallen from it’s highs, but there are still a lot of questions to be asked. (site;http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/homicide/children.htm) White people kill twice as many of their children as black parents in the U.S., but there are 5 times more white people than blacks. Blacks also account for about twice as many abortions as whites per capita. A connection? Why are there these trends? Is it poverty? Is it morality? T.V.? How did we get to the point where it’s even considered by anyone? I wish I had the answers, but I think we can all agree something is bad wrong.

  8. This story is HORRIFIC but my personality forces me to look at logic: “instead of paying child support I will either LOSE my life with the death penalty or spend the rest of my life in prison…over 4 g’s….”


    HC, VERY interesting data you quoted. And J, I agree with you totally.

    Question: does the court REALLY take 40 percent of a dudes check for child support?

  9. nah, b. death penalty. he confessed to killing his own son? over child support? f’real? no rap. front of the line.

    gotta go, gotta go (c) robin harris.

  10. Honestly Ave, for a hot second, I would’ve been the guy volunteering to pull the lever. But then I remind myself that some fates/punishments are worst than death.

  11. I dunno Andre. Think of how that mother will feel for the remainder of her days, knowing that the father/killer of her child is being fed/housed/cared for @ the very least. To me, as a father, that would be worse than death. I’m very much against the death penalty, & non-violent of course, however something changed within me when I had kids….and if something were to ever happen to them @ the hands of another person, my views on the death penalty, as well as what it is that I currently think that I am/am not capable of, would fly out the window.


  12. Nic,

    As I suggested eariler, just because I don’t believe in the death penalty does mean I inversely believe in a comfortable life of incarceration. If this dude actually commit this heinous crime, I see nothing wrong about making the rest of his life miserable. Outside of something too inhumane like torture, the state should be allowed to employ various means to ensure that the life of incarceration for this man and brutual killers like him would NOT be a walk in the park. If I had my way, we’d see the end of 3 hots and a cot”; especially when the taxpayer is left with the bill.

  13. I hope he’s mentally ill, because I don’t want to contemplate the emptiness of soul that would lead someone to kill any baby, let alone their own baby.

  14. normally, i’m all about the subtleties and understanding the interplay of societal factors and whatnot, but this here? nah. i don’t think prison should be cute for anybody (not that i think it is), and even if we take certain kinds of murder off the death row list, murder of one’s own born child? i’d reserve the right for that one.

  15. In ordinary circumstances, I’m not necessary a big proponent for the death penalty. But this is no ordinary circumstance. Like Malik said, unless there were some mental illness issues prompting this man to kill his child over something as petty as child support, he is clearly a dark soul deserving of life/death on the Row.

  16. That should read sadder!!my true thought are to vile and un lady like to post here so I shall keep them in my head and spare you !!!
    HUGS My Greeneyed man , hope your fabulous

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