6 comments on “A Cabinet by Any Other Color

  1. I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

    The man has done far more as President-Elect in an effort to hit the ground running than certainly any other President in my lifetime, if not more than any prior President. Furthermore, while some of his Cabinet nods have gone to those that some of his base may disagree w/, the choices clearly were made in an effort to gain immediate, or near-immediate Senate confirmation….again, to get the ball rolling as quickly as humanly possible….all the while he still managed to create a very diverse Cabinet!

    I was pleasantly surprised to see a recent survey that showed 76% of the public already views Obama as a “Strong and decisive leader”. But on the other hand, itt’s sad & discouraging that the other ≤24% are intent on seeing him fail…even before he officially takes office…and even moreso that some of that number may include members of the CBC.



  2. Happy New Year Dre! I hope you and your family have a happy and blessed 2009!

    To your post, I wouldn’t say that the CBC is irrelevant, when you consider that Obama leaving the Senate translates to ZERO black Senators. But they are often full of hot air especially in trying to challenge Obama on his cabinet.

  3. Hey Dre,
    Here’s some interesting stats about our congressional caucuses;

    The Congressional Black Caucus doesn’t allow white people in it.
    It has 41 house of representative members soon to be 44. Which will be about 10% compared to being 13% of the population.
    It has only 1 Senator- Barack Obama who has actually resigned

    The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has only 16 house of representative members or about 4% compared to being 14% of the population.
    It also has only 1 Senator

    The Jewish Congressional Caucus has 32 house of representative members or about 8% compared to being 2.5% of the population.
    They have 13 Senators or 13%

    Just a little fun with numbers-draw your own conclusions

  4. No argument, folks. Cyn, I take a little issue with your support of the CBC, but I agree that it should be at least a little unnerving to see that the United States Senate does not have a single black face in it. In the face of Caroline Kennedy and Al Franken possibly becoming Senators, you can’t expect me to believe that strong, qualified BLACK candidates can’t be found.

  5. These CBC folks are so looney that they expected Obama to select an all Black Cabinet. lol
    They simply have a different reality than the rest of us… and that’s why they are losing respect by the day. No one takes them seriously.

    Just what exactly do they expect Obama to do for “the black folks”?

    I stated long before the election that the so-called “Black community” is going to have the exact same problems years after Obama takes office as it does now. Yes, the President and Congress can steer more funding to urban America… but that will have a very limited impact on the problems in “Black America”. A President can only do so much, especially when most of the social problems that these communities face actually originate in the home.

  6. AI, “looney” is right. I guess the CBC also expected Obama to serve chicken and Kool Aid at the Inauguration and pimp Air Force One out like it was the jet on Soul Plane (sorry for bring that one up. I was just as painful for me to type it as it was for you to read it.)

    The CBC has lost their collective minds.

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