Riddle me this: when did it become standard practice to reward failure?

The economy has fallen into pieces. Millions of Americans are out of work. Millions more have lost their homes. Businesses are failing. The only businesses deemed important enough by our dear Congress are being awarded saved with our tax dollars for failing. You’d think that at some point our intrepid Congress would put some control on spending to help offset some of the financial woes we’re facing.

If that’s what you would’ve thought, you’d be wrong.

Rather than controlling spending, our friends in Congress have secretly voted to given themselves $4700 raises. This, while they criticized (but, somehow still saved) CEOs for giving themselves bonuses as their companies went belly up. As long as money is being distributed, why not get a little for themselves, right?

Congressional raises will cost the American taxpayer $2.5 million. Compared to the massive debt this country is in, $2.5 mill is small potatoes. No argument there. But this represents a much bigger issue here. While their fellow countrymen are starving in the streets, Congress is ordering crème brûlée on top of their already comfortable lifestyles. Worse yet, it’s all being done on our dime.

Wow…? Yeah, I think “wow” covers it.