16 comments on “The Reward for Failure

  1. This is absurd! I, like millions of other Americans, don’t automatically get a pay raise each year, and I certainly do not get one when I do a bad job. When (if) the voting record is released on this, I promise never to cast a vote for any of my reps who endorsed this.

  2. @ Miss KD: $4700 is more than a stimulus. It’s an exclusive entitlement. I keep telling myself I’m in the wrong business. They keep proving it.

    @ J. Alex: In their defense (a lame defense for an even lamer Congress), a bill was written years ago to give Congress automatic raises. But it’s been voted against several times. This time, when a bill was sponsored to halt these automatic pay increases, it got the ax before it had a chance to anywhere. I’ll remember this the next time I hit the booths.

  3. We vote for failures and then pay them for failing. Then, despite that failure, they get paid more money. Truth is stranger than fiction.

    The strangest part being – of course- that we elect these idiots.

  4. This comes at no suprise to me. Congress continues to remind us that they have a voracious appetite for spending out of control. They don’t know what the average American is going through, even though they try to emphathize with rhetoric. Those of us blessed with jobs are being forced to cut back and those unfortunate enough to be unemployed are sinking even more. Meanwhile they get a little more spending money. You’re right Andre: it’s an elegant dessert on top of a five-star meal, while the rest of us are splitting a can of SPAM (if we can even eat at all). These people are heartless.

  5. 0-15. Sigh.

    Anyway, I should point out that interestingly the Constitution allows Congress is determine its own pay (see Article 1, Section 6). Therein lies the real problem. I’ve been a proponent for overhauling the Constitution since I was in diapers. Not likely.

  6. I think I’m going to go up to my boss tomorrow and tell him I voted to give myself a raise. But I’ll be sure to bring a few extra cardboard boxes just in case he calls security to remove me from the building.

  7. This is so sad and unfortunate. 😦 I work in bankruptcy and see more than you can imagine. Its hard for me to imagine that this is happening…. *sigh*

  8. One point of clarification: an Executive order was written years ago to include an automatic cost-of-living pay increase. So Congress didn’t actually vote to get a pay raise. They just didn’t vote against getting that automatic raise. It’s semantics, really. But there’s a difference between taking something and not stopping it from falling in your lap.

  9. Hey Dre,
    Why should any of this suprise us anymore? We have been screwed and tattooed, bagged and tagged so many times we’re used to it. Just like an abused spouse, it gets easier to accept each time. Until we stop this defending “our” Party, no matter how egregious their actions, and re-electing “our” Senator or “our” Representative, this crap will continue forever. With the state of our economy, there shouldn’t be anyone getting re-elected at all. We run our government like Ford runs the Lions. No accountability and no change in the results. But don’t worry, when your standing in the soup line you can console yourselves by believing it’s the fault of the damn Republicans/Democrats (take your pick) and not “your” guy who’s wonderful and a defender of your interests. We get the government we deserve. Fire them all!

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