12 comments on “Pallin’ around with Druggies

  1. With names like Bristol, Piper, and Trig, maybe we should check to see if Gov. Palin wasn’t on this lady’s client list.

  2. Let the Palin bashing continue. How can Sarah Palin be associated with her daughter’s boyfriend’s MOTHER? What would happen to us if we were all tied to actions of our in-laws? It’s likely that the Johnstons and the Palins don’t even speak at all.

    I hope this won’t be the latest and greatest crave in the liberal media. But I wouldn’t be suprised if it will be.

  3. Yeah right, Josh. I’m sure you were at McCain and Palin rallies preaching the ills of guilt by association whenever Ayers or Wright came into the discussion.

  4. No relationship has been established. The facts of the case at hand have not been established. Let’s just pray for her, that whatever the situation is, that God will work to clean up the mess. I’m sure that’s what Sarah Palin is doing right now.

  5. @ J. Alex: Nice.

    @ KC: I haveta admit: I kinda like “Trig”. But the rest of those names were just plain weird. If it wasn’t the narcotics that possessed Gov. Palin to come up with those names, maybe it was the witch doctor.

    @ Josh: This post was intended to point out the ridiculousness of pinning people’s shortcomings to others. The folks on the right are as guilty of employing this tactic as anybody. I’m not out to defend liberals, but conservatives have traditionally (and hypocritically) tried to decry certain behaviors that were going on right in their own families/households.

    @ Richard: I join you in praying for the Johnston and Palin families. But I’d also challenge folks to have that same level of compassion and understanding for others as well. Often times, people tend to reserve their prayers and support for those closest to them, while casting aspersion on others who might be in similar situations.

  6. “Y’all know that I’m not the type to play the guilt by association game. And I certainly don’t want to establish a pattern of digging up old bones. However:”

    You’re comparing apples and oranges. When the names of Obamas acquaintances came to light, he lied and denied having ANY contact with such people. When evidence arose showing he had more than just a casual acquaintance with such people, he downplayed it by claiming that his contact was few and far between, and meaningless. And even though the evidence showed that his contact was quite substantial in nature, he then went after people who dared to talk or question him about it. He kicked a reporter off his plane (while it was still on the ground though) for daring to ask such a question

    And as for Palin’s association with this woman? There is NONE. They are not even in laws yet.

  7. @ CRD: Welcome to the conversation.

    When the names of Obamas acquaintances came to light, he lied and denied having ANY contact with such people.

    That’s not true at all. Obama never denied being in contact with the likes of Wright, Ayers, Rezko, etc. He was simply trying to get people to do what they should also do with Palin; avoid the temptation of holding them responsible for the questionable behavior of other people. Guilt by association is a tactic that should be closely examined whether a (D) or an (R) is by your name.

  8. This story should serve as a warning to anybody who tries to gain politcal leverage by trying to associate their opponents with shady characters. Karma is a mofo.

  9. Hi Tera. Welcome to the discussion.

    I completely agree with your assessment. An unfortunate aspect of the McPalin campaign was that too little time was spent trying to define who they were, while too MUCH time was spent trying to define Obama. They tried to turn association into complicity. If we did that today, Gov. Palin – by association – would be a druggie.

  10. @ Sauer: Welcome to my joint. I saw this story on CNN this morning. It was pretty chuck-a-licious. Family values, be damned. Bwahahaha!

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