12 comments on “A Presidential “shoe”ting

  1. George Bush has spent the past eight years ducking responsibilities. Is it a wonder he had to spend a few seconds ducking from somebody fed up with him?

  2. I’m no fan of President Bush. But this journalist was a fool for what he did. Throwing objects at one of the most powerful men in the world is a dumb idea no matter how much he’s unliked. Had the Secret Service not been asleep at the wheel and were more responsive, we could’ve been marking this journalist’s grave site right now. Of course, in a society that celebrates honor killings and suicides, I guess that’s not bad.

    Nevertheless, it was dumb. Booing or holding protests is one thing. Physically assaulting the President of the United States is something else altogether.

  3. Dre, riddle me this: how the HELL can you defend Bush? His policies directly resulted in Iraq’s destruction and now he has the nerve to show up? I’m suprised shoes were the only thing tossed at Dubya. A bag of horse apples would’ve made more sense. All power to the man.

  4. “As much as I don’t like him personally, I gotta give the man his props.”

    This is a good start for you. But it bothers me that so many people find humor in the fact that our president was disrespected so blatantly. LIke him or not, Bush is our leader until January 20. Once Obama takes the oath, HE will be our leader. He deserves respect as well. I only hope people are more respectfully of our next president than they were with our current.

  5. Andre, I’m not so sure how “pointless” this journalist’s defiance was. Two things can be certain. One, unlike some of the REAL pointless protests, the whole world knows about this story now and two, Bush will think twice about the next war he starts. You may not approve of the guys methods, but the outcomes are evident.

  6. Dre, you missed the other funny part of this story. Dara Perino got smacked with microphone during the scuffle. She got a black eye for the road.

    Ducking. Black eyes. The metaphors keep piling up!

  7. B-b-but…but…..Didn’t Bush and Cheney tell us we’d be greeted as liberators?! What’s all this noise I’m hearing about Iraqi people not liking our good President? How could this be…?

  8. “But it bothers me that so many people find humor in the fact that our president was disrespected so blatantly.”

    Josh, I don’t know where you’ve been for the past seven years, but Bush’s policies (with Congressional support. Let’s not forget them) have led to the fiasco that has become Iraq. He hasn’t listened to the American people when we told him to get us out of there. Maybe he’ll listen to a couple of wingtips coming his way.

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