I’m sure you’ve all heard about the shoe-slinging desparado President Bush recently squared off against. Before Dubya could even draw, his rootin’, tootin’ adversary got off two shots. Had this been the one of those gun fights Bush is always trying to re-enact by way of  his foreign policy, he would’ve been out by the end of the first round.

Still, I have to give our good President from Texas some credit. He remained composed and collected during the attack. While most of us Kool Aid drinkers have endlessly praised Obama for his unmatched level of cool during his run for office, Bush demonstrated that same cool while in the office. As much as I don’t like him personally, I gotta give the man his props.

Since his pointless act of protest, the shoeless attacker has been arrested and interrogated. Maybe that’s why Bush was calm. Maybe it was just that Bush can be a cool dude under pressure. Well, most of the time at least.

A couple more observations:

(1) It’s a little unnerving to see how somebody could attack the President not once but twice before the Secret Service were able to step in. In their defense, Bush was never in any real harm since the people in the room had to first pass security. Even Bush acknowledged this. Still, the President of the United States (whether you like him or not) should not be on the receiving end of any kind of attacks; whether it’s spitting, ripe tomatoes, or Timberlands. We don’t throw things at Presidents. We throw them at Sean Hannity, Jennifer Granholm, Ann Coulter, and Rush Limbaugh.

(2) You almost have to feel bad for Bush. It must sting with irony to watch one of the people who you think you liberated throw shoes at you.

(3) Finally, this demostration reminds me why I’m thankful to be an American. I talk a whole lot of junk about this country and the people who run it, but there isn’t a place I’d rather be. Imagine if this Iraqi journalist was throwing shoes at Saddam Hussein. The next thing thrown would’ve been this guy’s head. Seriously.

While we all find humor in this story (what’s not to laugh at?), I think we should also keep sight of the bigger pictures here. Bigger than a size 10.