6 comments on “Even More Head Shaking Moments

  1. What’s up Dre? Let me just say I love these “head shaking moment” posts right along with your random news posts. They’re pretty broadly defined, informative, and entertaining with your commentary attached. But I have to admit, they’re hard to respond to since I have to keep going back and forth. For the readers sake, you might want to consider separating the posts. Being a former blogger myself, trust me.

    Now to your points.

    – No comment on the couple and the handcuffs. They’re just stupid.
    – Ditto on the drunk girl with the tee shirt. Throw her dumb butt in jail.
    – The SUV at the church thing is the very reason why I hate organized religion. It’s all about the dollars, the buildings, and taking care of the pastor. Its never about what’s best for the congregation and the community.
    – Never listened to NPR so I can’t comment too much on Ms. Chideya. But I can’t believe CNN is keeping DL on the show without giving the same platform to Donna Brazille or Roland Martin.
    – With the robbery story, I cant even begin with those kids. Why on earth would somebody laugh as another person is getting robbed? I’m not expecting them to play Superman and save the day. But I would at least expect them not to find humor in somebody else’s misfortune. I have to believe people wouldn’t be that callous. I’m thinking they were involved also or were friends with the robbers. By the way, don’t let that make you feel bad about being black. There are tons of people out there who make me hate being white.
    – The Caylee Anthony story has been driven to the ground. Breaking news: A shoe that could be Caylee’s is found! Breaking news: Caylee is spelled with two E’s! Breaking News: Caylee! Its a sad story, but its only one in a million.
    – The GOP are trying to stick it to unions. No two ways about it.

  2. Hey Dre,
    MMMMM, lot’s to comment on!
    1) My contempt for most of humanity continues.
    2) I’ve never understood why crime of any sort seems to draw the dumbest among us. Friendly tip from H.C.; If your dumb as a box of hammers, stay on the straight and narrow. Our prisons are too full.
    3) God has to be laughing, that is, when he’s not thinking of ways to demonstrate irony.
    4) Why are Rush and Hannity still on? 27 million listeners. As much as I don’t like them myself, they’re not “provided” a show. It’s syndicated. NPR has problems because young people don’t like talk radio. Much less talk radio that’s filled with oboe music and beat to the ground political points of view. Radio is for older people who tend to be conservative. It’s like trying to sell “I hate Sarah Palin” buttons in Wasilla, Alaska.
    5) I’m at a loss. How is purposely trying to sell a Senate seat for your own gain and profit “unfortunate”? How about “treasonist” or “vile”.
    6)See answer #1
    7)As a father, I can’t imagine how anyone could do such a thing to an innocent child. Why do you figure this sort of thing is becoming so common? Infantcide and parenticide have both gone through the roof over the past few decades. Anything that stops us from doing whatever we want or taking whatever we want should be killed. What causes this Dre? It’s always been around, but now it seems everywhere.
    8) Eight Democrat Senators could have voted “Yes” and passed the bill. That includes Senators John Kerry and Joe Biden who didn’t even bother to vote. Why blame only the GOP?
    Thanks for the Fun!

  3. Here’s the Roll call on the GM bailout (It was attached to a bill to end the Alternative Minumum Tax by the Dems in an effort to bring in Reps)http://www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_cfm.cfm?congress=110&session=2&vote=00215

  4. @ Greg: “For the readers sake, you might want to consider separating the posts.

    I’ll take that under advisement. Maybe I’ll just create a “Head Shaking” category and blog about stories separately. Thanks. And thanks for taking the time to respond with all of your comments!

    @ HC: “Much less talk radio that’s filled with oboe music and beat to the ground political points of view.

    You must’ve never listened to Farai Chideya. Her show was nothing close to that stereotypical hippie talk-radio mess. It was journalism at its best. On top of that, it gave many black bloggers and journalists a solid outlet to be heard in a time when black involvment in the media has been reduced to the tepidness that is DL Hughley, Tyler Perry, and BET or media that caters to the interests of middle-aged, white women (see: Oprah).

    But I see your ultimate point about listenership. 27 million minds being poisoned a day can lead to fat pockets for a bunch of folks.

    @ “Why blame only the GOP?

    Take a looksy at that there roll call again. You’ll see why the GOP gets the bulk of my head shake. That’s not to say the Dems who skipped out on the vote shouldn’t get powerbombed through a table; they should. This isn’t some silly resolution on recognizing the success of Iraq. This is a critical economic issue of mass proportion. Anybody who didn’t case a vote doesn’t deserve a job in Congress.

    But the overwhelming anti-automotive sentiment came from the good folks on the right.

  5. hey Dre,
    You would be correct. I have never listened to Farai Chideya, that’s why I didn’t comment on her. I’ll take your word on her talents as I know you to be a man with a good eye for it. On your second point, I was only pointing out that it wasn’t “only” the GOP and that what had my head shaking was that Biden (who we just voted in as V.P. fer christsake) and John Kerry (who constantly claimed to represent us blue collars during his ’04 run) are complete tools who deserve to have auto parts thrown at them like their (almost ex) presidential counterpart. Keep in mind, those are two of the three highest profile Senators the Dems have. What kind of message did that send?

  6. @ HC:

    A couple of things:

    Biden (who we just voted in as V.P. fer christsake)

    The country didn’t vote for Biden, they voted for Obama. Dude, you know the only VEEP we actually voted for (or, mostly, against) was Sarah Palin. The other guy on her ticket was a moot point. 🙂

    Keep in mind, those are two of the three highest profile Senators the Dems have. What kind of message did that send?

    Without knowing exactly why they played hooky on voting day, I can only speculate that they saw such an overwhelming victory in the House and assumed they didn’t have to be there to make the bill pass. Even if I’m right with my speculation, I don’t claim to justify their absence. It’s for this reason votes like this should be MANDATORY for everyone, even if they are not in chambers. Any elected official who doesn’t use his/her power to vote should lose it…and their position.

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