And the headshaking continues.

Story 1: Breaking the ties that bind

I’m no love doctor, to be sure. But folks, please. If you ever decide to spice things up by whipping out the handcuffs, make sure you’ve got a spare set. If you don’t and you so happen to lose your only set of keys, call a locksmith NOT the police.

Story 2:  Just as stupid as driving drunk

You don’t have to be legal genius worthy of the late Johnny Cochran to know that when you go to court to face charges of drunk driving, don’t wear a shirt that says “Miss Wasted.”

Never mind the head shaking. My head is spinning with this story. Sheesh.

Story 3: Bring ye all your vehicles to the altar?

As if I needed another reason to be pissed off at organized religion:

With sport-utility vehicles at the altar and auto workers in the pews, one of Detroit’s largest churches on Sunday offered up prayers for Congress to bail out the struggling auto industry.

“We have never seen as midnight an hour as we face this week,” the Rev. Charles Ellis told several thousand congregants at a rousing service at Detroit’s Greater Grace Temple. “This week, lives are hanging above an abyss of uncertainty as both houses of Congress decide whether to extend a helping hand.”

Local car dealerships donated three hybrid SUVs to be displayed during the service, one from each of the Big Three. A Ford Escape, Chevy Tahoe from GM and a Chrysler Aspen were parked just in front of the choir and behind the pulpit.

Ellis said he and other Detroit ministers would pray and fast until Congress voted on a bailout for Detroit’s embattled automakers. He urged his congregation to do the same.


This story is wrong on so many levels. First, there is the overemphasis on material and commercialsm. SUVs at the altar? For real..? I remember growing up in the church. The pulpit and the altar were the sacred grounds of the church. It was there where the word of the Lord was delievered. Where our communion started. Where our prayers were offered up. But it was never – and I repeat NEVER – used as a host for SUVs.

Then, there’s the clear lack of  perspective. Don’t get me wrong: this country definitely stands in the need of prayer. I – of all people – believe in the power of praying. But if anything, what we need to be praying for is a shift in this nation’s economy outside of the auto industry. The demise of the auto industry is a foregone conclusion. In the face of that reality, our focus should now be on more education, training, and the development of new professions. While we’re at it: prayers for people hit by the recession, our brothers and sisters in Iraq, people suffering in the various international atrocities, etc. are not a bad idea.

 But praying with a bunch of pricey symbols of American greed, gluttony, and failure in the background constitutes some major head shaking.

Story 4: Now up for bidding…a Senate seat?

I’m sure you’ve heard by now the unfortunate story of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. But just in case you haven’t, here’s the lowdown: So, dude basically tried to sell off the vacant Senate seat of President-Elect Obama in exchange for cash or political favors for his wife. During a federal wiretap, he was recorded making offers for various “Candidates” to be appointed the seat.

Even though his actions threaten to give a black eye to Obama and Raum Emanuel (who ran in some of the same Chicago cirlces) Blago stands unapologetic and self-justified. This is ultimate in political hubris and head shaking.

You know it’s bad when John McCain, of all people, is calling you “stupid” and “nuts”. Just sayin’.

Story 5: Mixed priorities in Black media

I just received word that NPR’s News and Notes with Farai Chideya has been cancelled. This comes as a blow not only to many in the black blogosphere who were provided additional platforms to share their insights on a host of issues, but the cancellation also comes at a loss to listeners seeking healthy and intelligent dialogue. So, while morons like Hannity and Rush are being provided an outlet to spew hatred and bigotry or DL Hughley is allowed to partake in his nationalize ministrel show, a righteous and journalistically profound person like Farai loses her show.

Another head shaker for the record.

Story 6: The humor of criminal assault…?

In another installment of “Why, God, did you make me black?”, we have the insane story of two knucklehead teenagers robbing a young man at gun point, two knucklehead girls laughing while the robbery is taking place, and a knucklehead restaurant who continued serving food after the young man was shot. Head shaking, abound:

Story 7: Caylee found…?

Authorities have found what they believe are the remains of missing three-year-old Caylee Anthony. Little Caylee has been missing since June. To date, the parents remain as the prime suspects.

Why is this a headshaking moment, Andre? I’m glad you asked.

While it would be a good thing to see the family find some closure if the remains are – in fact – Caylee’s, there is still the question of ‘whodunit’ and ‘why’. Then, there’s the issue of the potential victim herself. My heart still hurts for Caylee who, at three years of age, could not have possibly done something so bad as to warrant a death sentence. But above all, my heart aches for the thousands of other Caylees of the world whose disappearances/murders have been ignored by the media in favor of this one Caylee.

So there’s your answer. All of the above are responsible for my head shaking in this case.

Story 8: Senate kills the auto bailout

People have been asking me for a while how I feel about the auto bailouts. I’ve mostly been silent up until now; not because what I think actually matters to anybody, but because I frankly wasn’t sure how I felt about it all. To some degree, I’m still not sure how I feel. What I do know, from living in a town where GM’s impact can be felt for miles, is that there are major ramifications tied to the success or failure of the Big Three. For no more important of a  reason, I would be a proponent of the bailout. I’ve said before that while bailouts are evil, they are necessary.

The House agreed with me. However, the Senate didn’t.

For one, I should point out that I actually understand (to an extent) why the Senate would defeat the bill.  For all the good  unions do for companies like those in the auto industry, they are also the devil on many other fronts. But I also know not to blame unions entirely. I also know that antipathy toward unions specifically wasn’t the sole motivation behind their opposition. There is a clear issue of class here. Protecting the interests of financial institutions – the more white collared industries – is placed at a higher premium than protecting the interests of blue collared industries. Open and shut case.

From what I’ve read, the White House plans to intervene in this matter. But the lines have clearly been marked by the GOP senators. For that, our good Senators have given me yet another reason to shake my head.

I guess that’s about it for this installment of “head shaking moments.” Tune in again, folks. There will be plenty more stories like these in future. I guarantee it.