5 comments on “Head Shaking Moments

  1. I enjoyed your rant! I need to get back to this blog more often in the future. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’!

    peace, Villager

  2. Dre this was freakin hilarious!!! A very good read before my bedtime! Love ya and CALL ME MAN! I gotta tells ya somethin…

  3. ♪♪♪ Your head is shakin’ like a Polaroid picture ♪♪♪

    Very funny post Andre. Sad and depressing, but funny.

  4. @ Villager: Whenever you feel the need to step out of the Village for a second, you know where to find me.

    @ Jos: I’m not so sure how good it is for my rants to be the last thoughts you have before you go to bed. 🙂 I’ll hit you up.

    @ geekgirl: Yep. You’re a geek.

    @ Ellena: If some of these stories weren’t true, I could’ve easily mistaken them for satire. I guess truth is often stranger than fiction.

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