6 comments on “Beyond Tithes and Offering

  1. The church as we know it is on a downward spiral caused by its history of institutionalized bigotry, hypocrisy, sexual immorality (the Catholic church gets into this badly!), and perversion. It’s no wonder so many people are punching their timeclocks out of churches by the day.

  2. Dre, you have to look at this situation from a couple of different perspectives. First, pastors are often in a difficult position when it comes to leadership. In the black church especially, women are drawn to a man who has power, authority, and respect. A close friend of mine is an associate minister at his church and he’s always telling me about how women virtually throw themselves at the pastor, even though he’s only recently widowed. Still, the issues of self-restraint and personal responsibility have to come into play with Rev. Simmons and others like him. Instead of owning up to his sin, he’s say “What? It was consensual!” I don’t buy the consensual argument one bit. But even if it WAS, there is still the matter of confessing that sin and owning up to. Resignation from his post is the LEAST he should do. Each day he continues to stand in the pulpit, each day he runs the risk of giving the church a black eye.

  3. Right now he only stands accused. If and when the civil trial finds him guilty, or if he admits to it before then, I will be all over him, I hate religious hypocrisy as much as I hate false witness. Too many of these type of cases are not what they first appear to be, and this guy deserves his day in court before his life is ruined.

  4. Hey Dre,
    I’m probably going to send some women into a screaming fit by saying this ,but, you have to wonder why she didn’t go to the police the first time it happened, or why she continued to work there. I understand that she needed the money, but no job is worth your honor and self respect. Also, if you don’t report something when it happens to you, how can you convince yourself you didn’t help enable this guy to continue what he’s doing to someone else? The best answer is always to confront evil, unless it has a gun. Then you leave, get a CCW, train with your gun, and put evil where it belongs.

  5. Hello there Handsome ,

    Tis a sick and twisted world we live in ,but it has been that way ,well for ever ,It is sad that depravty as this or worse takes place in our world but in fact it does everywhere ! I am not at all overstating , it is everywhere , and not only male offenders but they tend to be the worse .As far as anyone commenting on these issues , leave blaming the victim at the door (MY OPINION NOT THE BLOG OWNERS) unless you are in that exact cicumstance do not judge,more than a straight line cuts through here , personalities , fear , employment may mean feeding her kids or being homeless , not expecting the situation and not reacting in flight or fight does not give some one a questionable character! who knows what went through her mind , but without sin cast that first stone., and by the Grace of GOD go……………..

  6. Hmm. Here are my issues with this “news” story and its incredible biasness:

    * “She went to work at the church five years ago as Reverend Simmons secretary, earning $9 an hour. …”

    Funny how the article fails to mention if she even looked for another place of employment. She was only making $9/hr so why did she stay for FIVE YEARS if it was so horrible?

    Also, why even mention the $9? To gain empathy from the reader that she wasn’t making a lot?

    * “Immediately, the deeply religious, single mother says church deacon James Slay warned her ….”

    How do we know that she’s “deeply religious” and what does that have to do with anything?

    “She said she was “disgusted” by the Pastor’s actions but was reluctant to go to police or quit as she was embarrassed and was facing extreme financial difficulties.”

    Soo….she’s all good now?

    “In their report, police noted “the suspect sounded like he was trying to manipulate the victim, telling her about how long she had worked for him and that he thinks the world of her.”

    So, the prosecution has a recorded phone call from the man and still couldn’t convict?

    This isn’t at all to excuse the Pastor. Whether consensual or not, THE PASTOR WAS WRONG because he’s a married man AND he’s a man with asserted power and position. AGAIN, THE PASTOR WAS WRONG EITHER WAY.


    It seems odd to me that the “deeply religious” secretary dealt with sexual harassment for 5 years for $9/hr. Did she even seek other employment? Did she seek refuge from any of the “elders” of the church or other outside resources?


    Sorry, this looks like another episode of “when a mistress doesn’t know her place.”

    This sounds like a bitter woman who wanted more out a man than he was wiling to give, finally got pissed (after 5 years) and went and told the police. If the pastor had a reputation as being a “womanizer” then I’m sure she knew that going in.

    I’m sorry, I don’t believe the woman….and apparently the prosecuting attorney doesn’t either…… 🙂


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