myron-rolle-180thIn the world of athletics, it’s easy to focus our attention on ignorant knuckleheads with too much time, money, drugs, and alcohol on their hands. But every now and then an athlete rises above all that nonsense and truly inspires me.

Myron Rolle, a student-athlete with the Florida State Seminoles college football team, has been awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. As a Rhodes Scholar, he is entitled to study at the University of Oxford in England for two years. Other notable recepients include President Bill Clinton, Governor Bobby Jindal, Mayor Corey Booker, and Senator Bill Bradley (I should point out that Rhodes Scholarships are not exclusive to politicians. They include world famous economists, scientists, businessmen, and lawyers as well. I just happen to be more familiar with politicians.)

I can’t begin to state how amazing a feat this is. The rest of his academic career isn’t too shabby either. Not only did he complete his undergraduate degree at FSU in two and half years with honors (it took me five), but he currently in graduate school, while also having a great year with the football team. Myron Rolle is a man among men.