12 comments on “Crime doesn’t pay…sort of

  1. There needs to be a petition for the taxpayers to sign. It is important for us to unite to show our displeasure with this practice. Also, if the lawmakers had to live on social security like the average joe and use the same healthcare programs we use, then I bet you would see improvements made. We need to stop accepting everything the lawmakers do and fight back. The middle class is really disappearing. The poor do get poorer and the wealthy get all the breaks.

  2. There are laws aimed at forfeiture of the proceeds criminals gain in a fraudulent enterprises. There should have been provisions made against such deceitful gains as these “gentlemen” have done. The biggest problem I see is the that even if they passed a law now these “congressmen” would likely claim that any new laws would be retrospective and unable to stop their obtaining their pensions this late in the game. Legally, they would probably win that case. Pathetic!

    It’s very suspect that the drafters of the laws and policies governing these criminal actions failed to forsee the obvious potential for a congressman to lie, cheat, and or steal. I recognize not all congressmen/women are not all bad, but the laws are intended to protect the people, not those that act as their fuduciaries in Washington.

  3. One more thing: Remember a few years back when Congress couldn’t wait to keep “regular” convicted felons from receiving benefits while incarcerated? How many people know that a veteran rated “service-connected disabled” after being imprisoned will lose their benefits while in prison? Yes, this also includes the right for survivors to collect the money!

    I’m sorry for being so negative with my responses. But this whole issue is sickening and deserves to be brought to light.

  4. Only in Congress can you go on month long vacations without getting anything done, vote to increase your salaries and benefits, and also earn exorbitant benefits even after you violate the public and shatter your image as a servant of the people.

    Andre, maybe you SHOULD consider a job in Congress. I’m sure the University doesn’t offer you the same perks.

  5. This is the most disgraceful excuse for being an American that one can fathom. We have military veterans who have risked their lives in service that don’t receive anything even close to what these crooks make. In some cases even with diasability added it is not that much. Something is seriously, SERIOUSLY wrong with this system.

  6. I’ll see your “stripping away crooks’ pensions” and raise you one.

    Election to public office is a position of trust. I would favor a law that instituted mandatory life in prison or the death penalty for violating the trust of 10’s or 100’s of thousands and even millions of constituents. The EPA and other federal and state agencies can implement fines per occurrence. A public official who is corrupt and cheats untold numbers of trusting Americans should be held to the same standard. Each and every citizen he/she represented when he/she broke the law should be considered a separate violation. Maybe if being elected to office stops being its own pork barrel and the criminals are punished severely enough, we might stop getting bankrupted by thieves and attain the kind of moral representation we expect and deserve.

  7. Yet another travesty courtesy of the federal government. Stevens and his fellow convict buddies should never have received pensions to begin with. They scammed their salaries while they were in offfice doing essentially nothing and now they collect pensions for doing even less. American politics is a cesspool filled with sewer rats. Stevens and co. just happen to be the ones who got caught.

  8. J. Alex, none of this should suprise anybody surprise since Congressmen and lawmakers will do whatever it takes to protect their pocketbooks. We should all realize that when they get into office it is not about representing the people anymore. It is about what can I do to line my own pockets and get re-elected. It should be a no-brainer that a convicted felon can’t get taxpayer funded pension money any more… but not with our Congress.They clearly missed that memo. It’s a disgrace.

  9. It has been a long-running peeve of mine that politicians and others with money always seem to be placed in “country club” and minimum security prisons, while people of color, no matter what the crime, get sent to the worst places on earth to serve their time.

    Some say that even though laws may be enacted, the politicians will still get their money in the end. I say “not”. If the proper laws are enacted, they will receive what they deserve – nothing. They are no different than any other “employees”. They have a boss (the citizens) and a job to do. If that job is not done properly, then they should be held accountable.

    I believe that one reason that there is so much corruption is that in their minds they say “I can get away with this. If I’m caught, no biggie. I’m gettin’ paid”. Knowing that the consequences are minimal, they take the chance.

    If we petition our leaders and demand that they enact the proper laws, this type of behavior will come to a grinding stop. If we make the consequences fit the crimes, there will be less crime. Until such time that someone steps up to get the ball rolling in that direction, we can all be vigilant as to the goings on of those elected officials, and if they are not doing a great job, then fight to have them removed.

    I am hard at work structuring some way to see to it that our (Philadelphia”s) new Mayor, Michael Nutter, does not see a second term here. We (African-Americans, particularly males) are back to the days of Rizzo (racists police chief and mayor of old) what with Nutter’s “Stop & Frisk” program. The point is that we can all make a difference and obtain what we want and need from politicians. Peace.

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