14 comments on “Lohan’s Take on Obama

  1. Dre, I’m not a fan of LiLo, but c’mon dude. She just didn’t know better. Give her a break.

  2. Cyn, I’m mostly joking with this post. As some of my friends point out, my blog isn’t the best place for me to be sarcastic. My sarcasm usually gets mistaken for anger and cantankerousness. I’m really not trippin’ on this story.

    Still, you’d at least think that with all the money she pays her publicity team one of those jokers would’ve gave her a list of things not to say. Just sayin’.

  3. It’s kinda hard to get mad at Lohan when there’s a black organization called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

  4. What, by the way, is the difference between “colored people” and people of color? I’m not trying to be caustic here. I’m just looking for clarification.

  5. J, I think I can answer both your questions together. It’s pretty complicated, but I’ll give it a crack:

    The term “people of color” is used to identify any non-white minority group. This includes Blacks (African-Americans, Jamacians, Africans, Creole, Haitians, etc…), Latinos, Asians, etc. In that vein, the NAACP is not just a “black organization.” If you follow the NAACP’s history, you’ll find that it was founded by a group of diverse leaders committed to civil rights for all. I know there is usually a black association, but the organization is far more diverse than many people think. There have been debates for years about whether or not the NAACP should change its name; as it’s the only modern day vestige of the term “colored people”. But I guess with the interest of preserving the foundation of the group’s significance and the brand recognition that came with its name, that idea was defeated. The same can be said of the United Negro College Fund.

    When it comes to the term “colored people”, things get a little different. Though it’s been said that the term was originally used by 18th century French colonialists to describe free blacks, the term eventually evolved into a politically correct label specifically designed for black people irrespective of their status. This term – if manipulated the right way – could also inflict a certain level of shame and denigration. It was almost a condescending politeness reserved for black people who – by all measures – were considered inferior.

    Ultimately, this “people of color” vs. “colored people” issue is about the power to impose an identify on a people.

  6. SHEEEESH, silly white people. Don’t they know how wrong it is to Identify people instead of letting them identify themselves. Signed- a Honky Cracker White boy.

  7. Don’t they know how wrong it is to Identify people instead of letting them identify themselves.

    Actually Hippie, I think that’s exactly what the issue is. Minorities take the whole idea of naming themselves so seriously because it allows them to do the naming and NOT having an identity imposed on them. Nice work. You’ve got potential. Tim Wise might have some competition…

  8. Perhaps Ms. Lohan has been hanging out with Italy’s Premier Silvio Berlusconi, who recently described Obama as “young, handsome and even tanned.” The New York Times was flooded with letters of apology from embarrassed Italians.

  9. The way I see it: it was nothing more than a Freudian slip. After all, Lohan even wanted to campaign for Obama during the general election. So I doubt there’s any racist undertones here. All the same, it’s pretty peculiar that the term “colored” would be coming from somebody born in the 80’s.

  10. I don’t care one ounce about Lindsay Lohan or most of the celebrities in Hollywood.

    I just came by to say: Northwestern – 21, Michigan – 14. Bwahahahaha! Better luck next year, Andre!

  11. If you get passed the “Freudian slip” (good word, Saved Sinner), the rest of her interview suggested positivity and excitment coming from Obama’s victory. Granted, she was probably stoned when she gave this interview. But I doubt that she had ill intentions. She may need to take a racial sensitivity course or something, but she’s definitely no racist.

  12. Uh, Lindsay? I’m white. White = a color. Ergo, I’m “colored” too.

    Sigh. For all the money these people make…

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