It’s not a job in the NBA’s front office, but it’ll do. Kevin Johnson, retired NBA star turned politician, has become the first black Mayor-Elect of Sacramento! He won the office after a runoff vote with two-term incumbent Heather Fargo. Congratulations KJ!

As a pro hoop fan, I’ve been following KJ’s career for many years. Not only was he a real talent on the court, but he also exhibited a level of sportsmanship and class currently not found much in the league these days. Since retiring from the NBA, Johnson has devoted his time and money to community work and combatting poverty. Can’t be mad.

I’m interested to see if the class he displayed on the court will follow him in the Mayor’s office. Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure: the Obama effect is in full swing. You hear that, Sir Charles? Strike while the iron is hot.