9 comments on “Obama’s First Criticism

  1. Dre, c’mon dude. Obama hasn’t even used the First bathroom yet and you’re already dishing out the criticism…? Gee-ee-ee-ee whiz!

  2. “Add to that the most crucial question that can be answered at this time: Why in the HELL did Obama add Jennifer Granholm to his economic advisory committee?!?!?! Gov. Granholm is to the economy what Matt Millen is to the world of sports. You Michiganders should know exactly what I mean.”

    Matt Milen? You’re being too nice. I wouldn’t let Gov. Granholm manage my checkbook.

  3. Actually I can’t hate on Obama for picking Emanuel. The dude has a solid reputation for being direct, to-the-point and no-nonsense when it comes to getting legislation passed. I think he was underutilized during the Clinton administration.

    I don’t know much about Gov. Granholm or the rest of the people on his economic advisory board so the jury’s still out. But if she oversaw the collapse of the big three…GULP!

  4. As long as Sarah Palin is not chosen as the Director of National Intelligence and Joe isn’t hired as the White House plumber, I could care less who else gets chosen in Obama’s cabinent.

  5. Hey Dre,
    I too will be holding Obama as accountable as I would anyone else. I voted for him because I didn’t care about his color and I’ll be judging his administration the same way. As far as his appointment of Buffy the Job Killer to his Economic Advisory Committee, maybe he just wanted to know what he SHOULDN’T do. Jen has that covered. Also your anology needs work, I would go with, “It’s like putting Jack Kervorkian on a suicide hotline.” With any luck Buffy will get a nice position (Energy Secretary or Ambassador to Canada comes to mind) in the administration and we can start repairing the damage done to Michigan two years early.

  6. While we’re on criticisms, can somebody PUL-LEASE tell our dear President-Elect to be on time for his press conferences. CP time might work for the club, but not for being the POTUS. Sigh…

  7. Granholm advising on economics is like Kwame advising on ethics. Wait, only 100 or so more days ’til he’s released….could I be on to something?


  8. LMAO @ Buffy!!!!!! Hilarious! That was the only thing that made me say “WTF????” Seriously… Jennifer….handling money….seriously??? I could do a better job. Its like Making Bush president for 8 years! Oh…

  9. I’m with J Alex – chill, dude! I’m still trying to stop saying “Yes, we did!”. The U-Haul hasn’t even left the driveway, yet. Give Holmes a minute to catch his breath, would ya? Peace.

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