7 comments on “Why McCain Lost

  1. Sheesh. Will somebody please enroll her in a 4th grade social studies class?! It’s one thing to watch President Bush refer to Africa as a country, but Palin YEARS later?! What does this say about her worldview?

    You’re absolutely correct about Palin. She is grossly uninformed, intellectually lazy, and won’t even bother to take advice from HER OWN STAFF. THIS is who the repubs want in 2012?

  2. To be fair, many Americans couldn’t answer some of the questions pitched at Gov. Palin. I bet I could run into at least five people tonight who don’t know Africa’s a continent. The interview with Charlie Gibson was handled well (minus his attempt at a “Gotcha” moment about the Bush Doctrine, which she handled well). What matters most is the exective experience she could’ve brought. Too bad America didn’t see things the same way.

  3. I’m really not suprised that people are starting to come out about how Palin lost this thing for McCain. From the moment I saw the Katie Couric interview, I knew it was a wrap. Whenever somebody can parody you by simply repeating what you said, it’s time to hang it up. Had she stepped down in favor of a smarter, more qualified woman, we might be talking about President-Elect McCain right now.

  4. Let’s see: In a little more than two months, Sarah Palin:

    1. Was involved in an ethics probe which found that she abused her powers
    2. Sported $150,000 worth of clothes despite trying to label herself a “Walmart Mom”
    3. Gave two HORRIFIC network interviews
    4. Received a gold star at the VP debates for NOT falling on her face
    5. Drove GOP legend Colin Powell to endorse Obama

    The jury’s back. Palin lost this for McCain.

  5. The thing is: I think Palin COULD be pretty intelligent if she wasn’t so sheltered. I just read that she only recently got a passport. I thought Bush was bad!

    Anyway, it’s hard to be a Vice President of a country as large as the U.S. when your knowledge is only limited to Wasilla.

  6. Anonymous, you’re joking right? Just because many average Americans may not know about Africa doesn’t mean the person running for FREAKIN’ VICE PRESIDENT shouldn’t!!!

  7. Personally, I think that the lost without regard to Palin. The country was sick and tired of the Republicans and the state of the nation and wanted something better. I believe that he could have had Coiln Powell or Ted Kennedy as his running mate and would still have lost to Obama. Obama is the most charismatic politician since Reagan and he put up one H*ll of a campaign. Peace.

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