6 comments on “Obama’s Gone Primetime

  1. Effective or not, the Nielsen report just indicated that Obama’s spot generated 33.6 million viewers. This guy is not messing around!

  2. As amazing as it is that somebody could still be an “undecided” at this point, I would be even more amazed if they watched this and still couldn’t make up their minds. The segment was a wonderful and gripping piece with real stories. John McCain’s only way to connect with people is by using a metaphor.

    GO OBAMA!!!!

  3. Obama has swagger that McCain only wish he had; we need to vote for change. Obama message is strong and very clear about what he is going to do for this country and the American people. McCain said we are going to continue to fight in a War that our children will continue to die fighting for something they have no clue about, oh yeah your wages are not going up as fast as the prices on food, products, homes and cars, forget about health-care, ain’t nobody ever going to get another chance to slip to Harvard on student loans and financial aid like Obama and take the Republican party from the white house. He is let the poor people stay poor and let the rich continue to live off of the poor. Those human being don’t need the president of the United States to spread the wealth. Most American are living from pay check to pay check, gas prices are high, the economy is in a downward spiral, no one is certain about their future and living in their homes, there are no local jobs, how are graduates going to pay for student loans and how are students who want to go to college pay for an education. Banks are partying on the bailout money and said forget everyone else. We only going to give money to those who don’t need it.Only a fool would vote for McCain and Palin. Even if Obama win the plight of the American people is not going to change overnight but he sure gives us hope for our future and our children’s. I say people Vote for change and Vote for Obama. Yes We Can!

  4. Barack Obama is a once-in-a-lifetime person. If he never existed, it would be virtually impossible to imagine him.

    Go Obama!!!

  5. Holy cow! What’s up Lis?!

    I agree: it’ll be sweet to see you all again. But in the meantime, we’ve got cyberspace. I’ll make sure I stay connected with y’all. Let’s keep in touch!

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