If the measure of a man is how infrequently he gets moved to tears, then I probably need to get my manhood checked out. Then again, I challenge anybody to peep this story out without being moved:

In a nutshell, a woman – Marilyn Mock – went to a foreclosure auction. There, she met Tracy Pottsboro, a woman who joined millions of other homeowners whose lives were swept away during this ongoing mortgage crisis. After a brief encounter, Ms. Mock did the unimaginable: she bought Pottsboro’s house and then gave it back to her. Under their arrangement, Pottsboro will pay Mock in installments instead of owing the bank which formerly owned the house.

I simply can’t put into words how amazing this story is. While the housing situation isn’t exactly comparable to ridiculous shows like ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”; which try to pass as being humanly compassionate, the story of Marilyn Mock showcases one person’s willingness to take care of a complete stranger who represents the least among us.

Living in a city like Flint, I’m constantly amazed (and disturbed) to see church building projects commencing while surrounding communities are being lost and deteriorated. Christ’s model of love and compassion for our fellow man is trumped by the greed and self-gratification that comes with having the biggest church on the block or in keeping up with the Joneses. One thing’s for sure: regardless of the faith to which she subscribes (if she’s even a believer at all), we can all still learn a thing or two from Marilyn Mock.

This woman is truly an angel walking among us. Looks like Mr. Autrey’s got some company.