6 comments on “Angel of the House

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  2. Hello MY Handsome Greeneyed MAN ,

    I thought I was the only one that had seen that news clip (I watch way too much news !) I asked many friends and none had seen it ,the reel I seen never mentioned what the newsclip you posted did “”””(((Mock says she’s using one of her business dump trucks as collateral for the $30,000 sale price. “I can’t afford to just give [the house] to her,” she says.))))) the news clip I viewed kind of made you think she didnt have to put anything in jepordary,she just did it cause she could , this makes it even more wonderful and inspiring! What a wonderful story ,it does the heart good to see it again , all should take a little good away from this womans actions ,I know I have , Thanks for posting it!:-)God Bless


  3. “If the measure of a man is how infrequently he gets moved to tears, then I probably need to get my manhood checked out.”

    Nah! You don’t need your manhood checked. If anything, this shows that you’re human. After all, you can’t be a man without first being HU-man. OK. So I’m not good at being deep. Sue me.

    Anyway, I agree with Greeneyes. This is a WONDERFUL story that shows the true human spirit in the face of hardship. In a world defined by hate, bigotry, and indifference, seeing people rise about it all to do something good — no — GREAT for another person is a beautiful thing. God bless her and people like her with the same kind of heart.

  4. Marilyn Mock did much more than just putting a family back in their home. She inspired. Being a person who has admittedly worried and stressed about the ongoing economic crisis, this story has blessed me immensely.

  5. i agree this is a beautiful story. i’m sure there are more that we may never hear about, but it’s nice to know goodwill still goes on in the midst of crises (is this the correct spelling for the plural?).

  6. The banks should be helping people and not foreclosing. There is a basic flaw in an economic system that seems to pander to the rich and kicks the needy when they need help. I am glad to hear of individuals like Marilyn Mock practicing a different kind of economics …..one that is centered on people rather than the mindless pursuit of maximum profit. Thanks for sharing.

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