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  1. Within the first five minutes of the show, my husband and I looked at each other in disbelief. It was unreal. Instead of focusing on important political matters (a staple of that network), this show was REALLY COONERY. I hate to use terms like that in describing black people. But if it quacks like a duck…

    This show should be pulled immediately. It was unfunny. It was done in bad taste, poor timing, and carries a horrible message to the broad audience known to watch CNN. All this during the most important election in the history of blacks in this country.

  2. I get where DL is trying to come from. Being on Bill Maher’s show for instance may have led to him trying to become a political comedian. But the problem is: the brotha just ain’t funny. Political humor is hard to do if you don’t have wit and good writers. Using racially involved jokes and saying “damn” every other line doesn’t make commentary funny.

    I gotta agree with you Joanne. This show should be pulled. It just doesn’t have the recipe to be funny.

  3. I feel like I have to preface this each time I enter a discussion board on race: I’m white, so I won’t presume to know how black people do/should feel about things like this. But as a person who relies on the media for informative news, I have to admit I was pretty disappointed by this as well. I hate when talk shows like Larry King insult themselves and their viewers by having clowns on (i.e. Kathy Griffin). But to give an unfunny comic an entire show’s worth of bad and inappropriate humor should be condemned.

    CNN owes us all —- not just black people —– an apology

  4. From the minute I found out D.L. Hughley was going to be on CNN, I knew it was going to be a bad day for black folks. Too bad he couldn’t prove me wrong for once.

  5. “From the minute I found out D.L. Hughley was going to be on CNN, I knew it was going to be a bad day for black folks.”

    No argument there Kenya. When a comedian is trying to do political humor, they have to be thought provoking, smart, cutting edge, and relevant. That’s what makes people like Colbert, Stewart, and even Dave Chapelle funny. What we got from DL’s mess was more of the same old tired mess; recycled jokes riddled with stereotypes and images that set us back decades. It’s ironic that while Sen. Obama ushers in a new wave of black intelligence and inspiration DL and CNN allow this step n’ fetch junk to find its place back at the table.

  6. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: D.L. Hughley is a buffoon and black people need to have his head for this.

    Let’s not lose sight of the fact that CNN bears some responsiblity for allowing Hughley a platform to engage in this buffoonery. Both the station and DL are equally culpable for developing this symbiotic relationship forged in promoting stereotypes. But D.L. (whether we like it or not) wears the face of the same folks he’s exploiting. His denigration is about as bad as anything you’d see at at McPalin rally.

    One thing I’m starting to realize more and more is that many black people seem to hypocritically demonstrate selective anger towards racist activities done by certain people. What would have happened if a show like this was done on Fox News? Would Rupert’s folks get as much of a pardon as CNN has received? Not likely. Similarly, what if a white comedian put on the same show as DL. Would we be as forgiving? Probably not. Imus was fired for degrading the Rutgers basketball team. DL followed suit without so much as a peep from activists.

    The double standards are clear as day.

  7. I haven’t viewed the show yet, so I can’t speak in regard to D.L. or the shows content. But as far as CNN goes, wtf were they thinking? A news outlet airing comedic programming accomplishes nothing but delegitimizing themselves as a news outlet. What’s next, reality TV?


  8. I never thought I’d see the day I’d be watching a dude dressed as a pimp saying “Shut yo mouth b*tches”, look down at the bottom of the screen, and see “CNN.”

    I’m at a loss.

  9. I saw this show over the weekend, and what surprised me the most was seeing Erica Hill taking part in a segment where she was interviewing a panel and lampooning the “mood indicators” that CNN uses during the debates.

    Then flip back to DL and his extremely biased political views, of the next half hour, and it really starts to look like CNN is picking a side. I’m not surprised by DL’s views, I expected something more intelligent though… I have to say, the show was flat-lining from the first minute.

    For me, CNN has lost a great deal of credibility, they paid that steep price to get a terrible show, which offers nothing of value, comedic, political or otherwise!

    DL doesn’t push any envelopes, he invites on guests sympathetic to him, and that he is sympathetic to…. and then the have a bleeding-heart liberal love-fest all with the CNN logo at the bottom of the screen.

    The show itself is worthless, but CNN goes a step farther by involving “real” correspondents… which destroys any integrity they may have previously had.

    What a shame.

  10. When I saw the first promo about this show, I thought to myself “D.L. is starting to come up in the world. Good for him!”. But then I saw the show.

    What ON EARTH were CNN and D.L. trying to accomplish with this crap?

    I was shocked, embarrassed, hurt , and angered by the stereotypical propaganda that this minstrial show portrayed. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d see some mess like this. CNN is clearly trying to devalue the historical significance of Obama’s candidacy with mess — unfunny mess. I hope D.L. was paid handsomely for this, b/c he definitely sold black people out.

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