I never thought I’d find myself putting CNN in the same category as Fox News and BET. But even the Cable News Network has hit a new low.

I’m not sure if you caught it, but CNN has debuted a new political comedy show starring D.L. Hughley. Yeah, that D.L. Hughley.  In the face of one of the nastiest political seasons I can recall where Sen. Obama have been labeled a terrorist, un-America, and has received numerous threats based on his race, CNN has decided to go comedic nevertheless; and with one of the country’s most racially polarizing “comedians” at the helm. Really…?

The first time I saw this mess, I was seriously tempted to toss my television out the window. Granted, I should’ve thrown my TV out a long time before now. But Hughley’s show could be the deal closer. I might just have to say goodbye to my television from here on out. It’s bad enough that with the exception of a few solid political minds (I immediately think of Roland Martin, Donna Brazile, Amy Holmes, and Leslie Sanchez), CNN has solely been viewing this historical campaign from a white lense. That’s one issue. But then CNN has to further insult the politically intelligence of minorities by allowing this show to make the cut…and now of all times.  

I should note that I’m a huge fan of political comedy. The Onion, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, SNL and a host of political cartoonists have kept me laughing during an otherwise depressing eight years of George Bush. SNL’s brilliant impersonations of this year’s candidates – for instance – have provided much needed comedy relief after hearing the likes of McCain, Palin, and their minions. I just think humor and satire need to be reserved for networks that cater to the comedic crowd.

CNN lays claim to being “The Most Trusted Name in News.” But, this latest spectacle is making me seriously question their contention. This nation is inching closer and closer to another Great Depression by the day. Bigotry and hatred have become all but common themes in this year’s election. We are still at war. Yet, CNN decides to tone down the seriousness of the times by launching this mess. For real…?

Outside of its clear conservative bias, Fox News lost any chance of becoming a reputable news network with me the moment they allowed Red Eye and the short lived 1/2 Hour News Hour to hit the airwaves. But CNN is even worst; in the opinion of this humble blogger. Not only do they stand to tarnish their image as a legitimate place for news, but they’re doing so by putting a black comic (a bad black comic at that) at center stage. This is so not gangster CNN. Not gangster at all.

Perhaps I’m getting carried away by thinking this, but I feel like CNN is subscribing (perhaps unintentionally) to a subvert affirmation that blacks in media and popular culture only fit a certain profile. Even when we are witnessing history; the avant garde of politics so to speak, CNN has taken steps backward. As blacks are starting to become more politically influencial, the station decides to make way for a black comic who typifies the standard sterotype of blacks in popular culture.  

Am I calling CNN racist? Of course not. I still consider them one of the most reputable sources of news in this country. But I do have to question how seriously they are taking the historical significance of this year’s election when they decided to greenlight this Hughley project. Make no mistake about it, I would’ve still questioned their journalistic integrity if they had a white guy doing the show; just by the sheer lack of “seriousness” the show representw. But having an unfunny and racially divisive black comedian doing the show as Obama stands to become the country’s FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT, is a pretty disappointing move.

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