11 comments on “Obama Bucks

  1. Wow!

    Diane Fedele may claim not to be a racist but her actions clearly reflect racism. How does one claim not to be a racist then go to such lengths to produce and distribute such a depiction? It is like a bartender claiming to be a prohibitionist.

    The Republican Party should revoke Fedele’s membership. The Chaffey Community Republican Women, Federated members should demand her resignation as their president and ask she not consider herself a member of their organization. If these two organizations do not demand a distancing of Fedele, they take ownership of her actions.

    Additionally, Yum Brand (owner of KFC) and Kraft Foods (owner of Kool Aid) should aggressively pursue legal action and damages against Fedele for using their trademarked images to promote her racist garbage. Perhaps if she finds herself penniless because of her so-called “poor judgment” she may need to rely on “Obama Bucks” herself.

  2. As you know, I’m a white southerner. But I don’t have to be black to see mess like this and wonder why blacks don’t generally support Republicans. If the GOP is to ever become a legitimate party for minorities, they have to stand up to crap like this and to their clearly racist supporters. John McCain let some of those nutcases off way too easily.

  3. Sorry, Schmorry.

    Republicans have a certain propensity to say horrible and racist things, only to apologize AFTER the damage is already done. They somehow think that prepared statements to the press is supposed to pardon their bigotry and uncooth behavior. Their model for this ethics-lacking behavior comes straight out of the Rovian political handbook (Chapter 7, to be precise)

  4. It’s only a matter of time before people start showing up to McCain/Palin rallies in blackface.

    It’s showtime!

  5. To Ms. Fedele,

    How dare you. I was listening to the news this afternoon and I heard about the Food Stamp with Obama’s face on the cover. When I heard it was extremely appalled. When I saw the actual image I was enraged. You deserve to be released from your position. This was the most racist item I have seen in the presidential race to date. It not only undermines your African American base but it also convinces African American Republicans to vote for Obama. The one thing you need to remember is race has nothing to do with Obama’s qualifications. I know you may be shocked and even a little turned on by this handsome black man gearing up to run the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA but remember that this is politics not your local KKK gathering.. You have proved that you are racist. This little piece of art work was not funny nor did it get any points across. The only point that I got was the end of your burning cross in my chest. Kool- Aid, fried chicken and watermelon on a food stamp shows me exactly

  6. Just in case you want to give these losers a piece of your mind:

    Chaffey Community Republican Women, Federated
    P.O. Box 974
    Upland, CA 91785
    Diane Fedele (President): diane1354@mindspring.com
    Phone: (909) 981-0493
    Fax: (909) 982-6880


  8. James Frederick Fayard, III (his 7th great-grandmother is black), Laurence Herman “Gus” Versluis (his 9th great-grandmother is black) are black men with white skin and they are rolling over there graves right now due to racist material.

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