11 comments on “Average Joes

  1. Outstanding piece Dre! You drove it home.


    Not to ever come to defense of Republicans, but I don’t think their connection with the “Joes” of the world is solely based on the belief that Joes define the true American. I think the GOP tends to avoid minorities because they have historically had a lack of appeal in those segments. They are just drinking from the well that actually has water in it. What’s the likelihood the McCain could get some of the non-Joe folks you mentioned in this post? I’ll tell you. The likelihood is not high at all. Outside of the rare few, many minorities simply will not vote Republican, no matter what McCain may say or do.

  2. “The underlying issue I have with McCain/Palin’s approach is the divisive undertones used to define Joe in relationship to everyone else. As they tell it, Joe is the person who makes America great, while those who aren’t Joe are (here it comes) elitist, out of touch, and un-American. For instance, I’m a part of the working class, but I’m also a black, college educated, white collar worker (though admittedly, my work environment is pretty laid back at times). Can I be classified a Joe? Not likely. Considering that both McCain and Palin have less-than-stellar records when it comes to minority relations, it’s not likely that I’m included in their picture of America.”

    This paragraph sums it all up. What I noticed most about Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin is that they tend to view this country as being exclusive to a certain small segment of people. Obama’s campaign opens its arms to the rich and the poor; to black and white; man and woman; young and old, Democrat and Republican. I still tear up when I hear his unifying 2004 DNC Keynote or his recent “A More Perfect Union” address. The man is light years ahead of his time.

  3. I remember counting the number of blacks at the RNC on my hands. Clearly, McPalin using certain rhetoric and seeking out the “Joes” as their main demographic is a political move.

  4. I have no idea how we can identify Average Joe and Joe the Plumber. But clearly the best way to identify Joe Six Pack is to have a breathalyzer at the voting booth.

  5. Nice post Andre. This just goes to show how out of touch the Republican party is with their very own constituency. Palin was right when she said they’re stirring things up; considering that most of her OWN party hates her right now.

  6. “I think of a man in the backwoods rocking a mullet, sporting a shotgun and a pack of cold ones, wearing a wifebeater and watching Jerry Springer.”

    Hahaha! I just caught this!

  7. Hey Dre,
    I’m not sure if I’m more disturbed by McCain /Palin’s idea of an “Average Joe” as a white, blue collar, male or yours as a ” man in the backwoods rocking a mullet, sporting a shotgun and a pack of cold ones, wearing a wifebeater and watching Jerry Springer.” Kind of a harsh discription of the “Average Joe” white male don’tcha think?

  8. @ Hippie: I was being sarcastic with my stereotypical depiction of an “Average Joe.” I mean, I’m an average Joe. And unless your radio show gets as obnoxious as some people I know, chances are, you’re an average Joe as well.

    The point is: McPalin has lost sight of the fact that WE “Joes” are all around the country. Have you looked around Flint lately? They’re all over the place. Yet, nary a time have I seen either one of those jokers anywhere near Flint. Instead, they’ve crossed places like this off their list a long time ago. This reminds me of when four of the eight Republican candidates skipped out on a debate at HBCU Morgan State University. Included in that group was none other than Senator Straight Talk himself.

    Obama, on the other hand, has been employing a 50 state strategy ever since the primaries. I mean, the dude’s even hitting up places that were/are considered “no man’s land” for Democrats. Even if the red half of the country somehow prevails next month, I believe Obama ran the less exclusive “Joe only” campaign.

  9. Hey Dre,
    Sorry, I guess I missed the sarcasm (I’ll be the first to admit, it doesn’t travel well in type) I was just trying to picture how bad it would be if I were describe the Average Joe Black Male as ……….Oh forget it, I wouldn’t even go there. On the bigger point, I completely agree. This whole Average Joe/ Joe The Plumber thing doesn’t make the Reps look very Pluralistic.

  10. @ Hippie: You’re good, man. Your ability to pick up on sarcasm in type is about as good as my ability to deliver it. When I said “Obviously a more accurate portrayal of Average Joe and his associates would be…“, I was hoping the sarcasm from the previous line would’ve been picked up. But it’s clear that my writing could use more work.

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