2 comments on “This weekend in politics

  1. hey Andre, a little sunday humor along with the news i see. all chuckles aside, i haven’t been able to figure out yet why people who are in the public eye think they have a private life. they’re public figures, for pete’s sake (who’s pete anyway); they’re always under scrutiny..

    i’ve been pretty much tuned in to the news this weekend; there’ll be much more “politics” coming up as the race closes in to the finish line.

    i was looking at the prayer above, and where did you get from that, that Lewis was insinuating that Obama’s a muslim?

  2. Hi Sylv,

    I’m not sure what you mean. Lewis wasn’t the one who said the prayer. It was Rev. Conrad. But I think Conrad was making a few blanketed suggestions: (1) Support for Obama, liberalism, or ethnic/religious tolerance goes against God, and (2) From what I gathered, this dude is calling God a punk with no street cred if McCain does not win. I wonder how thrilled God was to hear that.

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