I admit, I don’t do sports posts all that much. Though I’m a rabid sports fan, I tend to leave it up to the ESPNs and the Sarah Palins of the world to provide most of the commentary for us. Nevertheless, here are some of my thoughts and predictions from the wide world of sports:

Detroit Shock; WNBA Champs for the third time.

At the risk of sounding sexist, I hate women’s sports with all my heart and soul. Outside of watching my sister’s basketball team play, women’s sports are about as entertaining as watching TV static. So it should not come as a shock (pun intended) to hear that the WNBA is not on my watch list. But all of that notwithstanding, it was cool to see the Detroit Shock sweep the San Antonio Something or Anothers to win the championship. Way to represent the D. Too bad there were only – like – twelve people watching it.

The Lions Lingering Legacy of Losing

Alliteration aside, the Lions suck. They have always sucked. They will continue to suck. Apparently, firing Matt Milen wasn’t the solution. After an embarassing 34-7 home loss to the rivaled Chicago Bears last week, the Lions have fallen to 0-4 for the season. Another season in the dumps.

Given how much they continue to stink, someone will have to explain to me why their ticket prices still hover between $40 and $200 dollars a pop. Perhaps it’s time we ask Congress to step in. Damn the economy. Somebody please bail out the Lions.

The Maize and Ewww

I’m trying with every ounce of my being to be patient with this year’s Wolverine squad. I understand the process of rebuilding. But if they don’t show signs of improvement (not just a series of lucky comebacks), I will have to change up this year’s wardrobe from the Maize and Blue to the Green and White. At least Sparty is doing their thing this year at 4-1.

How ’bout them Cowboys?!

Like ’em or not, the Cowboys are the real deal this year. Playing in what I would consider the toughest league right now (the NFC East), they have made a name for themselves. Given the loaded talent on both sides of the field, anything less than a Super Bowl win is a failure. Go get ’em boys!

High flying with the Wings

Congrats again to the 07-08 Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings. I hope they can take their high powered defense (led by the ageless Chris Chelios) and bring home another one. But if I had to make a prediction, I think Sid the Kid is going to have a monster MVP season and lead his Penguins to center ice where they’ll be holding Lord Stanley’s cup in 2009.

Deeeeetroit Retirement Home!

Let’s face facts Piston fans: our boys are getting old. Chauncey is in his 11th season, Rip is at nine, Dyess is at number 12, ‘Sheed is in his 13th year, and Lindsay is at the big 1-5. Even though the East is a pushover – with the exceptions being Boston, Orlando, and an underachieving Cleveland squad – it’s a little hard to predict another shot at the Finals for the Pistons this year. My early season prediction is that the Lakers will beat Boston in a Finals rematch.

I’ll be back with more pressing and important issues soon. But every now and then, even the most serious person has to take the occasional sports break…