3 comments on “Sports News and Notes

  1. “Way to represent the D. Too bad there were only – like – twelve people watching it.”

    hmmm, must have been even less reading here seeing as though you had no commenters (ok, just kidding! alittle). see, you should have been nicer. i love women’s basketball.

  2. I’m sorry Sylv. And I send my apologies to all of women’s basketball. I’m sorry alright.

    I’m sorry that it’s so boring…


  3. Hey!

    I’ll have you know that I watch the WNBA!!!! I used to play basketball myself. In fact, I’m sure I can take you in a little one on one anyday! Of course, I’d be nice enough to spot you a couple of points. LOL!.

    Anyway, I’m mad that my Sparks didn’t win it all. But congrats to Detroit. They did their thing in the playoffs.

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