15 comments on “Long overdue…?

  1. I am not presuming OJ Simpson is innocent, but there is NO WAY he could not have ever gotten a fair trial here. As you said, he should have kept himself out of the public eye. He brought this all on himself.

  2. This is an unfortunate downfall for a person who had SO MUCH going for him. He just couldn’t keep his hands out of the cookie jar. But as tempting as it is to deliver parting shots as he’s on his way to jail, I’ll just reserve my comments for God through prayer.

  3. I read that the sports memorobilia were a part of the assets the courts ordered to be liquidated to pay for Simpson’s civil suit debts. But even if they were not and were indeed stolen, he used force to retrieve the items. This was his fault. Unless you’re a certain superhero from Gotham, vigilante justice will get you nowhere.

  4. Well I’m not as sympathetic for this fool. Serves him right for walking into a lion’s den with a beefsteak strung around his neck. Narcissism is dangerous for people like OJ Simpson.

  5. I can’t wait to see Sharpton, Jackson, and every other so-called activist crying racism. Nevermind that the prosecution had tons of evidence. Never mind the facts. A black man is going to jail and it’s all “The Man’s” fault, right?

  6. Anonymous, before you get things twisted with whatever logic you’re trying to use, please re-read my post.

    While I can’t speak for black America as a whole, I know that many folks would agree with me in saying that OJ is no hero. Most of us could care less about him or his “cause”; whatever that might be. For black people, his non-guilty verdict was a payback for the Emmitt Tills and Medgar Evers of the world. This was a verdict for the generations of blacks who could not find justice in the courtroom. OJ’s acquittal was more than just the issue of guilt/innocence of one person. It was an uncomfortable balance to an unbalanced system of justice. The “system” that historically screwed blacks was now screwing whites.

    Not only would I say that most black people didn’t celebrate OJ’s acquittal, I’d go a step further and say I believe most black folks actually BELIEVED he was guilty. But the case became much bigger than just him. This recent conviction; not the case.

  7. it’s like he’s been gloating all these years for “getting away with it.” kind of like “catch me if you can.” well, he gloated once too many times and they caught him. people have been waiting a long time to do this. i knew he was a gonner (sp?) even before the trail started. one thing about it though, even if he had gotten away here, he wouldn’t have gotten away THERE, not without some true repentence.

  8. I have no sympathy for O.J. I do think it’s unfortunate that a man who once had so much talent fell into the toilet.
    (BTW, I really like your new space.)

  9. @ Sylvia: You’re absolutely correct. Instead of inching his way out of the spotlight, he kept drawing attention to himself and reminding the world he was still here. Thumbing his nose at people can only take him so far.

    @ Deb: Hey Deb! Welcome to my parlor…

    I’ve got the complete set of Naked Gun movies. I suspect it’ll be ackward seeing him on the screen knowing that he might be rotting away in a jail cell. Such a waste.

    I lost your link during my transition. But I’ve got it now. I’m adding you to my blogroll. I’ll stop by soon.

  10. i saw on tv today that if he goes to jail (unless he appeals and the verdict is overturned), he’d be out of jail when he’s in his 70’s.

  11. How ever it played out I believe KARMA hit him big time ! He (I think) seems to think he is bullet proof and can do whatever he wants , if it is ego , being a celelbrity or stupidity the man was asking for trouble and GOT it! He should be treated as any other man that has committed this crime regardless of his past, that is the judical system ,(unless crimes are related) unfortunately that is not the real world, I feel for his children ,they are innocent in all of this but bare the weight 😦


  12. @ Greeny: You know, I never thought about the children. That’s a GREAT point. Those poor children had to go through their mother being killed, their family history being dragged into the spotlight, their crazy dad trying to release a book (what most of us think is REALLY a confession), and now this.

    They always say we can’t choose our parents. But we call always divorce from them. *Joke (sort of…)

  13. I think everyone feels like that at some stag in life(divorce parents) LOL !
    Later handsome ,and have a fun filled weekend , play a little , give that Grey matter a break , it will be there on monday Mr Smarty ! hehe LOL
    HUGS friend!

  14. If OJ Simpson is expecting a black shoulder to cry on, he won’t get it from me. For that matter, I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been so much as a peep of outrage coming from the black community. I think you’re right, Dre. We got just as sick of hearing about OJ as everyone else.

  15. Cyn,

    You raise a point that I think speaks to the heart of why we’ve simply stopped caring about OJ. Back in ’95 when he was on trial for his life, he relied on the support and activism from the black community. But once the verdict was read, this dude bounced. He reverted back to the very practice that defined most of his career – living a life distant from the black community. Fast forward to 2008: OJ is back at it again. This time, the media has turned a blind eye to his case and white people want revenge. In an ironic twist, black people ignored OJ even when his case reprsents EVERYTHING that has worked against blacks in the judicial system. Based on the credible issues surrounding the trial (questionable eyewitness testimony, a horrible prosecuting team, a tainted jury, etc.), you would think that blacks would be more supportive. But at the end of the day, I suspect black people were tired of OJ and dissatisfied with his involvement in the black community. I can’t say I blame them.

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