9 comments on “VEEPs: The Floor is Yours

  1. Debate? I’m sorry, did you say debate? This wasn’t a debate. It was Joe Biden answering questions and Sarah Palin reading prepared notes.

  2. There’s a reason why Palin gave those third graders a shout out during the debates. They wrote most of her talking points.

  3. I think Joe Biden took care of business during the debate. He was smooth and in control, unlike certain moderators. Gwen Ifill allowed Sarah Palin to walk all over her. So what you call disrespectful Andre, I call owning. She let Palin rest on horrible answers, pick and choos what she wanted to answer and offered virtually no followup. Maybe Katie Couric should’ve asked the questions.

    Sarah Palin should thank John McCain, Karl Rove, and the other folks in the GOP. They had Ifill scared to do her job.

  4. @ Anonymous, “A little racist, aren’t we?”

    Why? Because I’m speaking the truth?

    You know good and well if during a speech Obama said “Know wha I’m sayin’?, “Knamean, son?” “Holla at cha boi!”, “Shout out to all my hommies…”, the manure would’ve hit the motorized device with rotating vanes used to move air for cooling.

    I distinctly remember people suggesting that the Obama pound was a “terrorist fist jab”. Imagine what would happen if he tossed in any urban vernacular during his debates.

    If making a statement like that makes me a racist, then my new name must be David Duke.

  5. A few things I gathered from the debate:

    1) For some people, not looking stupid is considered a success.

    2) Palin showed blatant disrespect to the process by trying to dictate the pace of the debate.

    3) Palin’s folksiness is just ridiculous.

    4) Joe Biden is much, much smarter than I once thought.

    5) Palin wants more power than what the Constitution allows, even when she doesn’t know what to do with it. Scary.

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