9 comments on “Nightmare on Elm Street Pennsylvania Ave…?

  1. In most cases I tend to avoid politics. Its too confusing and corrupt for my liking. But I cant stress the importance of this election enough. This economic crisis, the war, the possibilities of future wars, the scandals are all the doing of this administration. If we get more of this we’ll be feeling the pinch for years to come. These are scary times. Jesus is on His way back, that’s for sure!

  2. Lord. Everytime I see one or both of these people take the stage, they make me wanna lay down somewhere. I can’t believe people will actually vote for these two characters.

  3. When Pakistan’s leader basically said Palin was popular because of how attractive she is (the jury is still out on that however), he was wrong…but was still on to something. Whatever the reason is that she’s so popular, it’s certainly not because of her experience or knowledge.

    Watching her is like watching babies being slaughtered.

  4. Typical hypocrisy coming from this blog.

    I think that it is a real sad day when on one hand everyone states that the presidency is supposed to be available for anyone to run for. It is how the constitution was written, and when someone is highly educated and well spoken they are polarizing, when they talk like a normal person, they are dumb and unqualified. I am beyond sick and tired of how people just simply are never happy!!

    I also think Katie was very condescending and patronizing with her expressions and tone, and that probably did not help Palin’s reactions. She was probably thrown back a bit when she realized that she was being interviewed by a woman who was obviously out to make a fool of her.

  5. Cynthia, imagine how Joe Biden is feeling. When I’m laughing at her, I’m doing it in the privacy of my own home. When he laughs at her, he’ll be doing it in front of millions of viewers around the country.

  6. @Anon: Yeah….Katie Couric is a big meany head. If Palin gets that flustered by somebody like Couric, then she’s going to piss her bloody pants & convulse on the floor when she faces Biden. God help us (& her) if Palin finds herself in the unenviable position of having to stand up to Putin or any other significant foreign leader.

    Btw, I ❤ Jim Cafferty.


  7. @ Megan: Thanks for the link. I’ve watched this clip about a 100 times already. This and the first skit with Palin/Clinton were classics. Tina Fey nailed it.

    @ Anonymous: When we say the presidency should be for anyone, we’re parenthetically saying anyone with the skills and ability. Sorry, but your girl has neither. To an extent, I think the “anybody can be president” notion is a gross falsehood. The reality is: we don’t need a “normal” person in office. We need someone who is extraordinary. An extraordinary person to deal with extraordinary circumstances. I don’t want somebody like me running things because quite frankly, I can be a moron myself at times. So when it comes to a person like Sen. Obama; what some people would call “highly educated” (or as they translate it: “elitist”), I call a person who goes above and beyond the ‘normal’ expectations to do a job that only a handful of people in the country have done before.

    Sorry, but Palin’s idiocy should automatically disqualify her. I mean, you saw the interviews. I didn’t make any of that up…

  8. The big question for tonight’s anticipated debate: Will Palin have her hair up or down? Hair down = concealed earpiece.

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