4 comments on “Full circle comedy

  1. In Fox’s defense, their sense of reality is much different than the normal person. So their idea of a strong economy is the mess we’re dealing with now.

  2. Hey Dre,
    Great vid! I’ll be using this on my radio program. Ron Paul, it turns out, was the brightest guy in the room

  3. Just one more indication of how illegitimate Fox News is when it comes to being informative. Schiff is trying his hardest to get a point in (which happened to be correct) and the idiots around him are making all that ruckus. If anybody actually relies on these fools for their information, God help them.

  4. @ J. Alex: That’s not fair. When conservatives talk about how strong the economy is, they’re clealy talking about how strong the people are. *Chuckle*

    @ Hippie: I always thought that Ron Paul got it. If he was ever a viable choice for Prez, I would’ve definitely stayed in his crew.

    @ Cyn: I often wonder how many great thoughts and ideas were lost on Fox News when the cooler heads were unable to prevail. Somehow cutting off mics, screaming over people, and being impetuous jerks is the way the good folks at Fox chose to do things.

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