I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but if I found myself walking down a dark street and a hiddeously disfigured monster wearing a glove with knives jumped out, I’d do my best impression of Usain Bolt down the street and not look back. But if it were all in my head, it’s pretty unlikely that I would respond the same way. The thought of a crazed monster stalking me is infinitely less threatening than an actual attack.

But Senator McCain apparently missed that memo.

The economic monster that McCain and his homeboy Phil Gramm called ‘psychological’ has apparently come out from under the bed. So much so that the good Senator from Arizona has “suspended” his campaign while calling on Sen. Obama to follow suit; namely in the form of skipping an upcoming debate in Mississippi. This debate – expected to draw an estimated 100 million viewers – is supposed to center around foreign policy. To make this story even funnier, the McCain camp has further proposed that if no bailout deal is made in time for the first debate, it should be moved to replace the VP debate next week in St. Louis. Imagine the relief Gov. Palin would feel if that went down. For those of you not keeping score, Palin’s first break came by changing the format of the VP debate. Instead of allowing Palin to get massacred on foreign policy in a free-for-all, the McCain camp pushed for a more controlled Q & A style debate. But I digress.

Back to the matter at hand: truthfully, this was yet another smart move by Sen. McCain. He continues to show that he has quite a few tricks up his sleeves. Making the claim that he is essentially “taking one for the team” by putting country ahead of politics was pretty slick. It allows him to potentially get away from a debate that might just expose how his costly plans to handle certain foreign affairs could impact this country’s ongoing economic meltdown. Meanwhile, McCain’s supporters are allowed to hide him behind a veil of patriotism and good-heartedness for doing nothing more than playing the role of cheerleader in Washington. At the same time, they can accuse Obama of selfishness and indifference toward the “economic 9/11” by moving forward with the debates. Though nobody’s exactly sure how McCain’s presence will help in assuaging the economic situation, he has indicated that he’s willing to trod into Washington atop his white horse nonetheless. It’s better than that greedy and uppity ‘black feller’ who has the nerve to want to debate.

It must be good to be McCain right now. He is in a position (inexplicably in my eyes) where he can do no wrong. Recall:

  • McCain’s stance on deregulation: Though it’s not entirely to blame for the mess we are in, his policies make him at least complicit. Now before I crucify him for this completely, the last three administrations are just as complicit.
  • McCain’s own admission of economic ignorance: I can’t imagine walking into a job interview and telling the employer “I have to admit: I don’t know jack about this job. Hire me anyway.” Yet that’s exactly what has happened up to this point. Though the economy continues to be the issue most germane to this election, Johnny Mac has made it clear that this particular issue has him stumped.
  • His hommie called us whiners and didn’t receive so much as a peep of criticism. Being called bitter is cataclysmic. Being called a whiner; not so much.
  • His VP running mate is so inexperienced that she’s been avoiding the media like she owes them money.
  • “The fundamentals of our economy are strong…” ‘Nuff said.
  • Getting an Ivy League education is elitist (for some more than others). Owning thirteen cars, seven homes, and a private jet is “relating” to the average American.

Now McCain can skip out of engaging in the process that will help determine the next POTUS and he’s considered a hero for it. Wow!

The Obama camp would have been just as brilliant if they retaliated by changing the debate from the orginally slated topic of foreign policy to the more pressing topic of the economy. That way, it would have been far more difficult for McCain to even entertain the idea of skipping out. Yet another reason why everybody in Obama’s camp should be fired immediately…

Since the debates reportedly will go on as scheduled, I don’t think McCain will pull a no-show. We’ll see tomorrow whether or not I’m right. But the mere presumption that McCain could pull this kind of stunt was laughable. But perhaps what’s more laughable is that his antics might still work come November. We shall see.