9 comments on “The Preacher’s Wife

  1. Lord, bless the children.

    Is this man serious? So he beats up his wife (who is crazy in her own right), gets charged, damages his ministries, and now decides to wreck his ministry even more by engaging in this nonsense? Just wow.

  2. I couldn’t have made this story up. This is soooo sad. Jesus is seriously on His way back. LAWD!!!!!

  3. I’m a little in the dark about this whole thing. But from the sounds of it, a pastor who beat his wife is launching a reality show to find another wife. Is this what the sanctity of marriage has been reduced to?

  4. This is another prime example of how people who profess to know God and aspire to be leaders of God’s people turn right around a make a mockery of the Word they claim to represent. I can only pray for this fool, because God is definitely not pleased. I don’t have to be a “prophetess” to know that.

  5. Funny. According to my calendar, April Fool’s Day is another 7 months away. So I guess I can rule out the idea of this being a joke. The only idea left is that the brothah found himself getting broke and needed a new joint to generate some more income. Gotta get yo’ hustle on one way or another.

    What I’m most interested in (in a guilty pleasure sort of way, I’ll admit) is seeing the line of desperate church folk who will line up to date and possibly marry this clown.

  6. There are undoubtedly hundreds of pimps like Weeks out there. But I think it’s important that we don’t let these fools blind us to the reality that for every one pimp in the pulpit, there are hundreds of other people actually doing God’s work. I’ll let God deal with this nonsense.

  7. you’ll know a tree by the fruit it bears. not everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven…….Many will say on that day, Lord, haven’t we prophesied in Your name…………..And I will say to them, I never knew you who acted wickedly disregarding my commandments. Matthew 7:21-23

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